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Wednesday, April 17, 2024
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They want to equate chronic tardiness with a real disease: what is “time blindness” and how to deal with it

Date: April 17, 2024 Time: 21:04:34

Scientists are trying to find an excuse for people who constantly don’t have time for meetings, this may be due to ADHD or other mental health issues.

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Do you think being chronically late is rude or uncomfortable? Of course, this infuriates everyone except those who returned at the wrong time. But several medical experts believe that this is a syndrome indicative of mental problems (newcomers tense up …)

It all started with the fact that American users ridiculed a young woman who on tik-tok spoke pitifully about the fact that she has “time blindness”, so she is constantly late everywhere. Therefore, employers and acquaintances must “understand and forgive.” No, not even just to understand, but to adapt to such a feature.

The girl explained that she did not know how to understand how long the road would take, this or that business. And she called it the syndrome of “time blindness”, to which she was immediately answered by a really blind person: “I am blind, but everywhere I arrive on time, because there are alarm clocks and reminders.”

In general, the girl was not understood. But in vain.

Psychologists and other experts acknowledge that “time blindness” is a real condition. And for people who have it, doing everyday tasks can be very challenging. Experts have linked the condition to attention deficit disorder (i.e., hyperactivity) or other mental health problems:

“Time blindness” is a difficulty perceiving time, how much time has passed, how long it will take to do something, explains ADHD psychotherapist Stephanie Sarkis. – This is a real thing, we have been researching it for a long time. And it can manifest itself not only in people with ADHD, but also in anyone with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, or other mental disorders.

Symptoms: inability to meet people on time or meet a schedule, repeated missed deadlines, daydreaming excessively, feeling absorbed in a task, or feeling like everything else doesn’t matter.


Experts and users of social networks who suffer from this syndrome give recommendations:

Hang everywhere reminders of the meeting or business that needs to be done: “this will help you return to the real world.”

* Put real alarm clocks everywhere, or hang a clock with a dial on the walls: analog clocks can be better than digital ones, they really show how much time has already passed and how much is left before the meeting.

* Put reminders on your phone and change the ringtones on them as often as possible so that the brain doesn’t get used to the same sound.

* Get enough sleep! Lack of sleep exacerbates the problem.

If you realize nothing helps, see a doctor: Some treatments and medications can help people if they’re struggling with ADHD, let alone depression.


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