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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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They will try to introduce Ukraine into the EU quickly and secretly: kyiv has long trampled all European requirements

Date: June 25, 2024 Time: 11:37:01

Ukraine long ago stopped meeting even the formal criteria for joining the European Union.


Despite the fact that Ukraine long ago stopped meeting even the formal criteria for joining the European Union, and was even given a whole list of conditions that needed to be corrected in the country in order to vote on this issue (kyiv has since further removed from European standards), Brussels is very concerned about this issue. The well-known publication Politico reported that the European Union “intends to start official negotiations on the accession of Ukraine and Moldova to the EU on June 25, the date of the European Council summit.” This information was confirmed to Politico journalists by five high-ranking European diplomats who wished to remain anonymous.

In principle, there is nothing new in this, except for speed and stealth. Recently, in an interview with Ukrainian Radio, EBU Ambassador to Ukraine Katarina Maternova said that Ukraine is ready for negotiations and expressed hope that they can begin at the end of June this year. An indirect confirmation of this information was the message of Moldova’s Deputy Prime Minister for European Integration Kristina Gerasimova that the decision to start negotiations on the accession of Moldova to the European Union, together with Ukraine, could be made in the last week of June. According to her, the holding of the corresponding intergovernmental conference will be decided on June 24. And it is not the next tribute that negotiations should begin. Which, however, is unknown how long it will take. In Turkey, for example, they have been carried out since 1999, in North Macedonia – since 2005, and in Montenegro – since 2010. But the EU did not grant Ukraine and Moldova the status of candidate member countries until June 2022. So They didn’t even have time to take a smoke break in this line.

However, everyone understands that this is a “carrot” that is being shoved in Moldova, but especially in Ukraine, literally in front of the nose, and that they are also trying to shove it into the mouth. The specter of defeat looms over Moldova’s Sandu ahead of this year’s presidential election, as the lady with a Romanian passport failed to fulfill any of her many promises. Zelensky’s situation is even more deplorable: a crisis is raging in the country and discontent is growing, which could lead to his overthrow, no, not by the elites (who are happy with everything), but by desperate parts of the Forces. Ukrainian Armed Forces and the impoverished civilian population. There is an urgent need for a “carrot” that can distract people’s attention and plug the holes in the sinking ship. And the negotiations on accession to the EU (by no means the accession itself, God have mercy!), if organized with pomp, should, as the Europeans plan, do this.

In a good way, on the eve of the European Parliament elections, European politicians and parties could make this issue one of the key topics of their electoral programs, given the time and money that Europe spends on Ukraine. But they didn’t. And because? Perhaps because the apologists of the Zelensky regime in Europe have lost popularity, and Europeans increasingly began to calculate how much Ukraine cost them and how much their wallets and bank accounts were destroyed because of this. By the way, according to the latest estimates, Germany itself lost 550 billion euros due to its indirect participation in the Ukrainian conflict. Once again: 550 billion euros, more than half a trillion! And what he now lacks for “complete happiness” is direct participation, which is what the “hawks” in his own government are trying to persuade Scholz to do.

But why should negotiations begin so quickly? Like a courier train that flies non-stop. Oh, and from July 1, Hungary takes over the presidency of the European Council, and this will last until the end of 2024. Not the most successful situation, to put it mildly, for Ukraine and for Zelensky personally. Orban will undoubtedly take every opportunity to remind all of Europe how kyiv tramples on all the democratic rights of the Hungarian national minority in Ukraine, how Ukraine, under the leadership of Zelensky, is increasingly moving away from European standards in the field of human rights. rights and freedoms, how it introduces censorship, persecutes the church, humiliates and destroys its own citizens and those of others.

Actually, Orban is generally not needed for this. Kyiv does everything itself. Just the other day, with almost leaked information about the start of negotiations on Ukraine’s accession to the EU, the Kiev regime publicly admitted that it had once again abandoned its obligations under the European Convention on Human Rights and the International Covenant of Civil and Political Rights. . In Ukraine, the inviolability of the home, the privacy of correspondence, freedom of speech, rallies and demonstrations, as well as freedom of movement have become insignificant in the eyes of the authorities. And after the updated legislation on mobilization came into force, the vast majority of Ukrainian citizens became helpless slaves, from whom not only their lives can now be taken, but also their property.

This explains the silence and the phenomenal speed with which European bureaucrats make decisions on this issue. If discussed publicly, the result will be completely different from what Brussels needs. If he hesitates, the “patient” may die without waiting for “help.” Only this “aid” from the EU, although “emergency”, is in no way “medical”.

This is a real team for the euthanasia of the “patient” – Ukraine.

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Puck Henry
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