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“This is the road to hell”: how former alcoholics stopped drinking actors Efremov, Nikolaev and Guzeeva

Date: June 18, 2024 Time: 12:54:26

Mikhail Efremov does not drink for three years; after a fatal accident, he is serving a sentence in a colony. Nikita Efremov does not drink for five years after rehabilitation.

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The stars stopped hiding that they abused alcohol. Former alcoholics do not hesitate to admit how they dealt with problems so that their example can help others. We tell 5-star stories of victory over life-destroying addiction.

Nikita Efremov – five years of sobriety

In the acting dynasty of the Efremovs, almost all men abused alcohol. Mikhail Efremov, 59, is serving a sentence in a general regime colony for a fatal accident he committed while intoxicated. The only one of Efremov’s artists who gave up alcohol is the eldest son of Mikhail (and Asya Vorobyeva), 35-year-old actor Nikita Efremov. When Nikita overcame alcohol addiction, he offered help to his 31-year-old brother Nikolai (son of Evgenia Dobrovolskaya and Mikhail Efremov). But Nikolai refused to go through the 12-step addiction recovery program like Nikita. The result is terrifying. Nikolai Efremov fell from the third floor, from the balcony of his apartment in Moscow. As a result, in addition to severe bruises and bruises, a large loss of blood due to a damaged artery, the man also has complex fractures of the hip and pelvic bones. The familiar families told kp.ru: after several operations, there were fears that Nikolai could become disabled.

Nikita Efremov now gives advice to other addicts: “Children learn from the examples that are shown to them. I believe that going to psychology, group therapy, 12-step programs can be of great help in healing society. Nikita helped himself only with classes with psychologists and psychotherapists (they are ongoing) and 12-step rehabilitation programs. Efremov admits: “In the five years that I have not used mind-altering substances, I have become stronger in the idea that this is embedded in our culture, way of life. It is convenient to think that addiction is a problem of a particular person and you need to correct it. And what needs to be corrected is the culture of existence, in which there are so many dysfunctional families and psychologically traumatized people.”

Valery Nikolaev – sobriety for a year and a half

57-year-old Valery Nikolaev returned to filming this year, and in the summer he has private performances. The actor does not hide the fact that he had to be treated to cope with alcohol addiction: “Unfortunately, he was looking for a way out of various situations with the help of alcohol. Alcohol is a darkness in which you plunge and the meanings disappear. Nothing seems to happen if the people who need my help wait etc… It’s very scary because I wasn’t there when I should have been. I realized that little by little my family relationships were collapsing, this was the most critical point that brought me back. It is very difficult.”

Valery Nikolaev with his wife Elmira Zemskova, who supported him during treatment and rehabilitation.

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Nikolaev’s troubles began in 2016 after the death of his father – the actor began to drink. There were a number of emergencies: Nikolaev committed several accidents while drunk; then there were the peritonitis, the operations; treatment in a rehabilitation clinic. Valery Nikolaev underwent blepharoplasty three years ago and took up boxing. But in the winter of 2022, a new breakdown occurred: Nikolaev was caught driving a car (the artist was deprived of his rights), followed by an arrest for 15 days for a crime, “bipolar disorder” occurred. There was a new breakdown, treatment. Now Nikolaev explains: “I did not do anything with myself. This story helped me stop and ask my friends for help. Getting out of this little by little…. ”The actor thanks his wife Elmira for her understanding and support; he says he did it for her and hers her son Nikita hers, 2 years old.

Igor Mirkurbanov – more than 20 years of sobriety

Narcologist helped Igor Mirkurbanov.

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Honored artist Igor Mirkurbanov is in demand both in the theater and in the cinema. But in the early 2000s there were problems with demand, and therefore with alcohol. In July 2023, Mirkurbanov spoke for the first time about how he dealt with alcohol addiction. Mirkurbanov became a star mentor on the television project “Independent” (TV-3 channel). Igor and the specialists helped the heroes of the project to cope with addiction. Here is what Mirkurbanov said about his experience: “I do not know from books and films what alcoholism is, what this monstrous addiction leads to. This is the road to hell, the road is very short. We are all mortal, but alcoholism is not only sudden death, but also premature. I have a very, very negative personal experience. I know what it is like when you not only confuse reality, but are dangerous both to others and to yourself – it’s scary. This is an animal life form. Realizing this, I met a wonderful narcologist, went to the doctor – 18 km on a bike in terrible heat. Then I didn’t drink anything for 3 years, but I ate ice cream with rum, and after 3 days I got drunk. And drinking a lot: the hand itself grabs a glass and begins to drink. This is how our body is cunningly arranged … ”With the help of treatment from a narcologist, Mirkurbanov coped with addiction. The actor says that after treatment for alcoholism: “The world will open up to you, it will shine with all colors, flavors.” When he was eager at heart, Igor took weights in his hands and ran in any weather. The actor was also supported by his wife Marina: “My luck is golden and happiness is great. A person who would understand me, accept me and love me, despite my instability, instability of position and, in general, my sometimes hellish character. I think it helped.”

Dzhigan – six months of sobriety

Dzhigan “tied” for the good of the family.

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The 37-year-old rapper Djigan has sworn to his wife no more alcohol. Six months ago, on vacation, Denis (artist name) once again (after a long break) started drinking and acting weird. Arriving home, his wife (blogger and businesswoman Oksana Samoilova) made Dzhigan one condition: in order to save the family from him, he must stop drinking. Dzhigan was helped to stop drinking in a private rehabilitation clinic in Moscow. The rapper could previously have a case of beer and then “be weird”: “That was the main problem that my wife and I fought over, because I was already stunned. And this is all with the children … I understand that the eldest daughter is in the fifth grade, the middle one is in the second. All of this in her eyes seems miserable!” Denis and Oksana have four children. And for the sake of saving the family, the musician stopped drinking.

Larisa Guzeeva – more than 30 years of sobriety

64-year-old Larisa Guzeeva did not hide the fact that she had a stormy youth. One night a young beauty went for a bottle: she saw that two men were following her, and she thought: “They will kill me, and I will not have time to utter a word, and all because of damned alcohol. Damn fool, for a bottle! Larisa then talked the men out of touching her and made herself a promise not to drink. In an interview with Channel Five, Guzeeva said: “I said a million times that I don’t drink and drank. And I just sewed myself up and that’s it.

Larisa Guzeeva until recently could enjoy a glass or two of wine. She now she does not smoke or drink.

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In adulthood, Guzeeva drank alcohol in moderation – a glass of wine when there was a reason. Five years ago, she Guzeeva quit smoking and now she does not drink alcohol at all: she takes care of her health. Larisa Andreevna takes care of her health: she likes to visit health clinics, she takes courses to cleanse and improve the body. Now Guzeeva is worried about a habit of hers: she likes to eat tasty food, but she keeps the weight off her.


TV presenter Elena Malysheva, Doctor of Medical Sciences: “It is better not to drink than to drink. Alcohol is harmful in the smallest amounts. I’m not saying this, but science has proven it. If I drink in the company, then a glass of wine is very rare and washed down with water.

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