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Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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TNT revives Gena Bukin! The cult heroes of the sitcom “Happy Together” will meet again in the new series, where they disappeared.

Date: June 19, 2024 Time: 01:35:59

The couch, the shirt and tie, the arm in the pants, the no-slacker movement, the Leatherball Tournament—if any of these give you a slight tickle in your nose or a fit of nostalgia, there’s good news.

The legendary Ural Bukin family, our sovereign Russian answer to Chicago’s Bundy from the TV series “Married… With Children”, returns to the screens. No, not in the form of reruns of the Happy Together project, but in the form of completely new episodes. TNT is launching the Bukiny project, where absolutely all (!) The main characters of the cult family saga of the 2000s will return.

Bukin’s humor was naive, uncomplicated, but totally popular. What allowed the series, issued in 2006, to become an absolute success. This claim is not unfounded. “Happy Together” took root so powerfully in the ground that in the homeland of Gena Bukin in Yekaterinburg, they even erected a monument to him (yes, his hand is stuck in his pants).

365 episodes on TNT broadcast an epic with the permanent daily suffering of the average Russian Bukin family on the air: Gena (Viktor Loginov), his wife Dasha (Natalya Bochkareva), their daughter Sveta (Daria Sagalova) and their son Roma (Alexander Yakin ). During this time, the audience managed to become attached to the eccentric and slightly ridiculous family: the tortured father of the family, the eccentric wife, the tight children – and yet they are happy together! Many recognized themselves in this project, many did not recognize themselves, but simply laughed heartily, many laughed at those parts of the scene where cackling was heard off-screen. And, as is often the case with simple popular comedies, almost all these actors of the project remained for the public and, alas, for the producers Bukins. None of them could surpass the success of the series and overcome these comedy pants in the 10 years since the end of the project. The project turned out to be so popular that videos with Gena Bukin are still viral on the network, people make memes and stickers for Telegram channels with characters from sitcoms.

The father of many children, Viktor Loginov, during the time when “Happy Together” was not on the air, turned gray, lost his house, acted in commercials, noticed a UFO in Kemerovo and even tried to change his career (he became tried himself in b2b sales). And now, in fact, he plays Woland in the private performance “The Master and Margarita.”

Natalya Bochkareva married and married a personal assistant, was caught by traffic police inspectors with white powder, learned to be a director from Vladimir Khotinenko and continues to act in TV shows (“Bender”, “Films about bandits” ), often posting candid photos on social media.

Daria Sagalova became the mother of many children, tried herself as a TV presenter (“I’m right”, “Culinary Star” and last appeared on the screens in 2018, in the TV series “Air Crew” as Flight Attendant.

The once curly-haired Alexander Yakin was slightly bald, but quite successfully “rebooted” after the finale of “Happy Together”, played the main role in the nostalgic franchise “The Eighties”, and even ended up in the bohemian Theater of Nations in Moscow. .

Even the actors of minor, but key roles, neighbors Lena Poleno (Yulia Zakharova) and Tolya Poleno (Pavel Savinkov), as well as Zhenya Stepanov (Aleksey Sekirin), could not break away from the great success of the sitcom in the past. ten years. In the media, they are exclusively billed as “the star of the TV series” Happy Together “.

Of course, everyone missed the Bukins. As well as, apparently, the audience. After all, it was not without reason that at one of the panels of the recent SPIEF, TNT Marketing Director Anna Godunova clearly indicated the new direction of the TV channel – nostalgia. According to the producer, the viewer misses the “old TNT”, the old series and programs, or rather, her own youth. Which is why, once again, the channel’s rebooted strategy promises many comebacks. Garik Martirosyan returned to the air, Sergey Svetlakov returned after a five-year series of flops on STS’s “prodigal son”, Our Russia was rebooted in the form of Mikhail Galustyan’s charity show “Galustyan +”, and now it’s time of the Bukins cult. .

The new old series was called “Bukiny”. In it, the same Ural family will continue to drag the long-suffering life, but in our time, in 2023. The reincarnation of the sitcom is led by the Andreasyan brothers, well-known comedians throughout the country and creators of the Chikatilo series.

“I’ll be honest: in the last 10 years it seemed to me that it was impossible to see the Bukins on the screens,” Viktor Loginov honestly admitted, who for the last ten years only answered questions about this sitcom. – For various reasons: from the busyness of the actors to the difficulties in translating our heroes into the current reality. But I am glad that such an opportunity has appeared, because the audience has been waiting for this for so long! It will be a different story: not a sterile sitcom, but more subtle and voluminous, in the spirit of the times.

What will happen next? It’s easy to guess. We are waiting for new episodes of Bukins on TNT, and then a reboot of the show Hunger, Segodnyachko, School of Repair, Windows, Taxi, Big Brother and other legendary projects of the channel, in which the viewer is still Since then, Tears have been shed. fiery, because the creative bureau of TNT, apparently, could not offer anything better in the last 20 years.

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