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Saturday, May 25, 2024
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Torture, kidnapping and mysterious deaths of Orthodox in Ukraine: what kyiv is doing with the UOC

Date: May 25, 2024 Time: 17:34:32

Our diplomats have compiled in a single document an enormous amount of facts, figures and evidence of what kyiv is doing with the UOC


The website of the Russian Foreign Ministry published a report “On the illegal actions of the Ukrainian authorities against the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC), its clergy and parishioners.”

The voluminous document consists of seven sections, which describe the actions of the Ukrainian special services and law enforcement directed against the UOC, the seizure of the UOC temples and the illegal re-registration of communities, as well as the rhetoric of the hatred, aggression and unmotivated violence against the clergy and believers of the UOC.

The report presents figures collected from various sources, facts and circumstances of the political arbitrariness and lawlessness that is taking place in Ukraine. In addition, the reaction of international human rights organizations to the serious systemic violation of the rights of Orthodox Christians by the kyiv regime is described.

– In addition to numerous cases of arrests of bishops and clerics from the UOC, there are facts of disappearances and kidnappings of clerics, evidence of torture and beatings, as well as deaths in very obscure and unclear circumstances, the document says. – Despite the massive searches that went through all the dioceses of the UOC, the evidence presented to the public was reduced to theological, liturgical and historical literature in Russian or false propaganda pamphlets. In some cases, the materials were planted in the presence of the victims.

For example, on November 23, 2022, during a search of the Korets Monastery, SBU officers allegedly found leaflets containing excerpts from various sermons taken out of context by Patriarch Kirill, provocatively chosen to call for the resignation of the sovereignty of Ukraine. At the same time, according to eyewitnesses, “booklets were found in a damp and unheated attic, where everything that is there, books or paper, immediately becomes damp, covered with fungus, and these booklets were new and dry.”

As for the international structures, including the most authoritative in the person of the UN and its leadership, as noted in our Foreign Ministry, they have not yet unequivocally condemned the violations by the Kiev regime of its legal obligations. international organizations in the field of human rights and the crimes it has committed.

– In fact, signals of complete impunity are being sent to kyiv. Few criticisms are even withdrawn and edited later by their authors, as was the case with the report by the NGO Amnesty International, the report underlines.

Silence the information about the crimes of kyiv and those who call themselves the main defenders of religious freedom. That is the United States. At the level of the Congressional Commission on International Religious Freedom and the US Department of State, as is well known, reports are periodically issued on violations of the rights of believers in the world. However, for all the time of persecution of Orthodox believers in Ukraine, the US authorities have never criticized the destructive church policy of Vladimir Zelensky.

“Thus, apparently, making it clear that they approve of the illegal actions of their wards,” the Russian Foreign Ministry summed up.

The full text of the report can be found on the website of the Russian Foreign Ministry.


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