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Sunday, March 26, 2023
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Ukraine Condemns “Massacre” in Bucha After Russian Troops Withdraw

Date: March 26, 2023 Time: 14:46:34

Ukrainian forces have been fighting their way closer to the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv. They’ve gained access to towns north of the city, which is one step closer to ending the war.

The Russian army quickly surrounded the Kyiv area, especially the areas north of the Ukrainian capital, where heavy fighting went on for more than four weeks. However, since Kremlin announced that it was changing its offensive strategy on March 25, Russian forces have been ceding some of that territory.

Ukrainian troops have gradually retaken the main enclaves around the capital until they have taken full control. A scenario of complete destruction in the West bounced back even though it caused indignation.

Russian military aggression is once again horrifyingly clear. Earlier this month, they killed dozens of civilians in the suburbs of Bucha. The international community needs to take this seriously and implement sanctions on Moscow.

“Some were on the pavement, others next to a car or bicycle,” he said in a video posted to Facebook. In the short time, it took to film this few minutes, 280 bodies have been buried in a mass grave due to the unusability of the municipal cemetery. “In some streets, you can see from 15 to 20 bodies on the ground,” Fedoruk explained yesterday. “It’s difficult because unfortunately due to lack of refrigeration many of them will be in an advanced state of decomposition and they won’t be identifiable,” he told AFP during an interview today.

When asked about Russian deaths in the Donbas, alderman Mateusz Pierwola told reporters that he had many questions and few answers. “All these people were shot,” he said. According to him, some of the bodies had white pieces of cloth on them to show that they were unarmed.

The mayor of the city of Kyiv called what happened this Sunday “genocide” and asked that these “cruel war crimes” not go unpunished. He called for a total embargo on the export of Russian oil and gas, saying, “For the whole world, as well as in particular Germany, there can be only one consequence: Russia cannot receive a penny.”

The leader of the Ukrainian opposition, Vitali Klitschko, stated that the civilians found on the streets of Bucha after the withdrawal of Russian troops in 2015 had hands tied behind their backs by Russian-led forces. He also confirmed that these civilians were killed through fabricated propaganda that was broadcasted by international media.

Images from the inside of Bucha show a degree of devastation similar to that seen in neighboring Irpin earlier this week. “There is still no exact information about the number of dead civilians in Irpin, but it’s estimated several hundred people died,” said the mayor of this city last Thursday when Ukrainian troops were able to enter the neighborhood.

Authorities were drawn to two houses that would have been targeted by Russian forces during their siege of Irpin. They estimate between 300-400 civilians were evacuated from the city, but 3,500 civilians couldn’t leave due to the fierce attacks. The most recent data shows that about 300 people died during the siege and in the course of it, according to the local government, which has recorded over 2,000 injuries.

Survivors of the attack in Irpen have spoken out, describing how Russian soldiers stripped civilians, separated families, and mistreated women. “They just shot them,” added the mayor of Irpen, who called the incident a war crime.

HRW published this report this Sunday in which they discussed that apparent “summary executions” and other “serious violations” may constitute “war crimes”.

An NGO claims to have documented, between February 27 and March 14, the deaths of civilians killed by Russian soldiers occupying the occupied territories in these areas of Kyiv, as well as in Chernihiv and Kharkiv to the east of the country.

Amnesty International has documented a number of summary execution cases in Ukraine. Some of these include rape, two summary executions of six men, and other instances of violence and threats against civilians. The summary executions took place on 4 March in Bucha and on 27 February in Staryi Bykov, according to interviews with witnesses.

A neighbor from a nearby town who spoke to eyewitnesses told HRW that while people were hiding in basements due to mortar fire, soldiers went from house to house taking the men for interrogation.

One of the teachers from Victoria, one of the towns that experienced this tragedy told reporters about what happened with the young people who were executed by soldiers on school grounds. The soldiers prevented family members from taking the bodies in for several days, and as a result, their hands were still bound.

“We were gathered in the square and their documents were checked, their phone numbers were asked,” one woman recalled to Human Rights Watch. “Later, five men were brought in and ordered to kneel on the ground.”

The leaders of several countries and the European Union condemned the events of this Sunday. Both European Council President Charles Michel and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen described the events as “atrocities” and said that EU would provide evidence to present them to an international court.

With investigations against Russia ongoing, tough sanctions were imposed and congratulated after the Ukrainian troops reclaimed their country’s northern regions from the rebel forces.

Germany agrees that Russia’s crimes aren’t going to be ignored and called for harsher sanctions for what Russia has been doing to Ukraine. Italy also stated that the perpetrators of these actions should be investigated and punished. “The existence of war crimes must be investigated as soon as possible, which is a vital part of stopping these atrocities from ever happening again,” the country’s foreign minister said. “The bodies of Ukrainian civilians are on the ground, killed, with their hands tied. Cruelty, death, horror.”

The UK has taken a firm stance and is committed to holding those responsible for the atrocities that have been carried out in Ukraine, including military leaders and members of President Putin’s regime. Despite this, the soldiers “are forced to retreat” from their positions as evidence appears more and more of the destructive actions carried out by invading troops such as Irpen and Bucha.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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