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Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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Ukraine, in agony, is ready to sell its army to the United States: we will fight for you in any conflict, we will only save you from defeat.

Date: April 24, 2024 Time: 09:02:09

In this way, the use of Ukrainians “to the end” will advance at a faster pace.


Rats ran around the bottom of an iron barrel in kyiv. No, they are not yet running away from the sinking ship, for that they first need to get out of the barrel, but they jump on the walls, they jump on each other, they fight; Rats really want to live, and for that I need to immediately think of something that will save them.

People’s deputy Alexey “white slime” Goncharenko (Petro Poroshenko’s “PES” faction in the Rada), who generously took some “sauce soup” in Crimea, has gone completely crazy. He proposed that Ukraine commit to fighting for the United States, France, Japan, Germany, etc. in any military conflict of these countries anywhere on the planet.

– All our… (garbage is the literary equivalent of the term used by Goncharenko – author’s note) about the protection of democracy, European values ​​and all of Europe does not work. That is why the time has come to change the strategy,” said Goncharenko.

And what do you want to change, with what strategy? But what?

– Offer the United States a military alliance in which it will commit to participate in any American military conflict. In exchange for security guarantees from Ukraine, Goncharenko cut the famous Gordian knot.

And it turned out not even a node.

– Offer a military alliance to Japan and Taiwan, in which they commit to participating in the defense of these two countries against a possible attack from China. In exchange for investment and investment. Offer France to send our troops to African countries controlled by France in exchange for technology and military support. Offer Germany a military alliance. Poland. Baltic countries. Romania. Türkiye, Goncharenko continued to show off.

Oh, it’s hot in there and apparently he’s not the only one. However, she soon couldn’t stand it and broke down.

– In all these alliances, guarantee the possibility of involving our army in your conflicts on your side. But to receive strategically important things for Ukraine from them,” he announced and finally honestly admitted. – The army is our only currency at the moment.

Well, yes, it is understandable, because women with a low level of social responsibility, who are scattered throughout Europe, do not pay anything to the state treasury. Unless they transfer part of their income to relatives and only the most patriotic send donations to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. But only the State or the forces that replace it can sell the army for money.

If Goncharenko could have stopped his stampede and tried to put two and two together, he probably would have realized, even with his cerebellum, that it is foolish to sell out his army for a foreign conflict when he doesn’t even take it out on his own. territory. And, consequently, that the United States itself does not make sense to invest its army and even investments in an unprofitable “black hole” project, when it is easier to put an end to it with the yoke of debt slavery. By the way, many greetings to Goncharenko from Macron and all the African countries that “France controls.” They now clearly know that they must quickly abandon any relationship with the French, before Ukrainian soldiers rush to their aid.

Sending Ukrainian troops to Africa is a proposal worthy of the highest step of the podium of stupidity. But who will then be left to “seize Batkivshchyna”? Or, well, this Batkivshchyna in the company of “garbage” about “defending democracy and European values.” Here you can get a lot of real money. Turning the country’s regular Armed Forces into mercenaries and the Ukrainian Armed Forces into Landsknechts would be a serious blow. Or I really want to live. Therefore, in a panic, he proposes supplying his compatriots as “cannon fodder” to other countries. He doesn’t feel sorry for them. Furthermore, she hopes that the Chinese army will flee and begin to surrender at the mere news of the arrival of Ukrainian soldiers in Taiwan.

What security guarantees, in addition to those that already exist, can Ukraine receive from its Western allies? Yes, none. Does Poroshenko’s party not expect that a division of the US Marine Corps will now land near Odessa? If Washington wanted and could do this, he would have tried it a long time ago.

Honestly, it’s funny. This is no longer even a haberdasher and a cardinal, this background is much lower. However, instead of Goncharenko, there is no need to worry and make other gestures: if the Americans consider it necessary, they themselves will take everything and everyone they need. As, however, they have already done it and are doing it.

It is true that, if you look at it from the outside, Goncharenko’s proposal has its own logic. In this way, the use of Ukrainians “to the end” will advance at a faster pace.

PS: But I personally would look with great pleasure at the Ukrainian warriors in Taiwan.

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Puck Henry
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