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Saturday, June 10, 2023
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Ukraine was divided into two countries. What will happen next?

Date: June 10, 2023 Time: 13:16:54

Training of soldiers of the National Guard of Ukraine in the Zhytomyr region.


Former deputy of the Verkhovna Rada and former leader of the Opposition Platform-For Life party Viktor Medvedchuk, who was recently released from Ukrainian captivity, published in Izvestia program material on relations between Russia and Ukraine and the future of the two neighboring peoples. . About this wrote the politician.


The West went against Russia not because it is weak, but on the contrary, because it began to achieve real success, Medvedchuk writes:

“The growth of the economic potential should increase the influence of the country, and this should be welcomed in the Western world. But the opposite happens. The influence of Russia is not only not welcome, but it is declared incorrect, criminal and corrupt”, says the author.

The reason for all the current problems, according to Medvedchuk, is colonialism in the minds of Western politicians.

Former deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Viktor Medvedchuk. Photo: Anna Marchenko/TASS


Russia and the United States had different objectives when the Cold War ended, the politician points out. We wanted a new world without wars, the Americans – world domination. Also, the West considers itself a winner. From there comes the thesis that Russia cannot have any international political or economic interest.

“And since Russia is supposedly the defeated side, then the territory of the former USSR and the socialist camps are legal booty for the United States and NATO, which are under the control of the West. Therefore, Ukraine is the territory of influence of the US, NATO and not Russia at all. Therefore, all claims by Russia to at least some influence on Ukrainian politics, to protect its interests in this region, are “baseless”, a clear attack on American and NATO interests”.


In addition, the NATO policy crossed out the strategy of the European Union, which was building a new economy. Even the first Secretary General of the Alliance, Hastings Ismay, spoke about this openly, Medvedchuk also quotes his words in his article:

“Keep the Soviet Union out (of Europe), the Americans in and the Germans in a subservient position.” That is, the ideology of NATO is the United States in Europe, and even in a dominant position, but Russia is not… And now we are seeing that the concept of NATO has destroyed not only the integration of Russia in Europe, but it has also put an end to the expansion of Europe, to its development”.


“Within Ukraine itself, since 1991, there have been two countries: Anti-Russia and Ukraine as another Russia. One does not think of himself without Russia, the other does not think of himself with Russia”, writes the politician.

According to him, the desire to merge with the West and break with Russia has led Ukraine to the lowest economic performance in Europe:

“Anti-Russian sentiments brought nothing but pain and poverty to Ukraine. Therefore, all pro-Western nationalist movements, consciously or unconsciously, preach poverty and misery to the Ukrainian people,” Medvedchuk notes.

March of nationalists in Kyiv, January 2021



The West has been monitoring anti-Russian hysteria in Ukraine since 2005, ever since the first Maidan, Victor Medvedchuk notes. It was then that the country begins to make a policy of hate Russia as the basis of ideology.

“At the same time, it is clear that this policy has a Cold War pattern,” the author notes. “Ukrainians turned against the Russians because of the support of certain politicians, changes in the educational program, in culture, and in national media broadcasting.”

And all this under the guise of democratic reforms, which were supported by all kinds of Western and international organizations. But in fact, the politician points out, it was not democracy, but the establishment of “pro-Western forces in politics, in the media, in the economy, in civil society.”


Any politician who comes to power in Ukraine undergoes an amazing transformation, Viktor Medvedchuk notes: Any president starts out as a peacemaker, but over time he becomes a symbol of war. So it was with Poroshenko, and Zelensky followed the same path. And this war policy is in line with the statements of politicians in the West:

“If someone says that they are going to build a new world with their neighbors, but they just push their interests, no matter what, even war, even nuclear war, then obviously they are not going to build anything. This is how the former President of Ukraine Poroshenko behaved, this is how the current President Zelensky behaves, but not only they. This is how NATO leaders and many American and European politicians behave,” the article says.


If the conflict is not resolved, it will continue to grow, spreading to Europe. Only now it is impossible to solve it with the Ukrainian forces, only the war party is in power there, it endlessly declares that it does not need peace, but it needs more weapons and money.

“Perhaps, to save their country, Ukrainians need to start building their democracy and open their civil dialogue without Western curators, the result of which is harmful and destructive management…Therefore, it is necessary to create a political movement out of those who did not give up, who did not renounce their beliefs for fear of death and imprisonment, who do not want their country to become a place of geopolitical clashes”, writes Viktor Medvedchuk in his article.


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