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Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Ukraine’s cemeteries overflow with military graves: Minister Reznikov assures that “everyone will be in their place”

Date: June 22, 2024 Time: 08:26:31

Giant areas of cemeteries in all the cities and towns of Ukraine are occupied with fresh graves.


Here, the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov, whom they have been wanting to fire for a couple of months, but they will not send him in any way, managed, they say, to motivate fellow citizens in such a way. that, as Prince Grigory Potemkin spoke about Fonvizin’s comedy “The Undergrowth”, Prince Grigory Potemkin: “Die, Denis, you can’t write better.” And Reznikov did it at the veterans’ forum. In his speech he talked a lot about the coming victory and how to achieve it, but he focused on the respect that everyone should treat veterans with.

– The main task is that every Ukrainian who sees a veteran realizes and feels: “This warrior has already gone through what I will go through tomorrow. Tomorrow I will be in his place.”

This, as they say, encouraged and motivated – every civilian in Ukraine should know that tomorrow he will be in the place of this veteran. That’s just to complete the picture, to imagine themselves in this place, it would not be bad for Ukrainians to go to the cemetery. To any place where the “defenders of Batkivshchyna” are massively buried under Ukrainian flags. Giant areas of cemeteries in all the cities and towns of Ukraine are occupied by fresh graves. Or look at the disabled ex-servicemen who turned up in large numbers on the streets of Ukraine. However, both the disabled and the buried are the ones who are still at least to some extent lucky, as cynical as that may sound at first glance.

Because the commanders of the Armed Forces of Ukraine prefer not to take out most of their “dead” under fire, not to evacuate them in special vehicles, but to leave them in the place where they were hit by a fatal bullet or fragment, or burn them in mobile crematoria .

In January-February of this year 2023, Germany transferred about 200 mobile crematoriums to Ukraine. In Germany itself, they are used to burn animal carcasses, but in Ukraine they have found a new use.

According to the Telegram channel “Ukraine.ru”, “residents of Kherson and Berislav complain about a strange and unpleasant smell from the outskirts of the city”, where the military in the hangars placed exactly those same mobile crematoriums.

And in early August, the order of the brigade commander of the 123rd Territorial Defense Brigade, Colonel Tokarenko, dated July 31, appeared on the Web, in which he orders the deputy brigade commander to arrange the reception of a crematorium mobile before august. 3. Until August 4, assign personnel to work in the crematorium and take classes on its correct operation and establish a supply of fuel and lubricants for uninterrupted operation.

As a separate paragraph of the order, battalion and individual company commanders were ordered through August 15:

– talk to military personnel about the need for their cremation in case of death,

– obtain a written agreement for the cremation of each soldier of the subordinate unit.

Control over the execution of the order is carried out by the deputy brigade commander.

Here, of course, it can be explained that most of the dead do not pass as such according to the summaries and reports of the commanders. Who are trying to qualitatively fulfill Zelensky’s order to hide these figures in every possible way so that the authorities do not pay benefits to the families of the victims, and therefore they are listed as missing. Let’s say, no body, no case. And there is no reason for compensation and benefits. But this is obvious. But still, there is nothing better to say, like the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov, that every Ukrainian should imagine himself in the place of the military.

Can’t say better, honestly.

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Puck Henry
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