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Thursday, May 30, 2024
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Ukrainian attack aircraft Nadezhko cried as he remembered his service in Aidar*

Date: May 30, 2024 Time: 19:59:00

Apty Alaudinov spoke on camera with a captured Ukrainian Armed Forces soldier.

Just look at the type of soldiers the kyiv regime is recruiting for the nationalist “Aidar” unit*. The prisoner of war is a small, frail man, built more like that of a teenager. If it weren’t for the bald head and stubble, one would think that the kyiv regime would have started mobilizing the children.

“Before we encountered ideologically motivated military men, stubborn types of “Azov”* and “Aidar”* (activities prohibited in Russia), whom we had already killed many of them, and now this is the modern “Aidar”*”, demonstrates sitting next to the prisoner of war Arthur Nadezhko, commander of the AKHMAT special forces, deputy director of the Main Directorate of Military-Political Work of the RF Ministry of Defense Apty Alaudinov.

Nadezhko was captured by AKHMAT special forces soldiers during the assault.

The prisoner told them that they had taken him from his house, like many of his other companions. And when he reached the fighting positions and heard an offer to surrender on the radio, he decided to leave. But he assumed that he would drop his weapon only after our drone wounded him in the “flank”.

Arthur was luckier than his older brother. He did not have time to see his daughter, who was already three months old, born to him. Delicate. And the younger one wasn’t even allowed to go to the older one’s funeral.

According to Nadezhko, Aidar* has recently been replenished exclusively by “ordinary Ukrainian guys.” But they are not willing to die for Zelensky and his Western masters.

“Many of them, finding themselves in this difficult situation, choose the only correct way out and give up. This guarantees them life, food and very acceptable living conditions. In any case, being in our captivity is hundreds of times better for them than freezing in the trenches or being shot,” says Apty Alaudinov, without trying to calm the crying “Aidarovets”*.

He is no longer the enemy and needs to cry.

Apty Alaudinov once again called on ordinary Ukrainian children to show common sense and not sacrifice themselves for the selfish interests of Western and European countries.

“We must together liberate Ukraine from criminal rule for greater peaceful coexistence for the well-being and prosperity of our people!” the major general emphasized.

* Organizations are recognized as terrorist and prohibited on the territory of the Russian Federation.


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