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Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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“Ukrainians are better off fleeing to Russia”: how far Zelensky will go in threatening the West and what the “final solution” will be

Date: June 19, 2024 Time: 20:38:16

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky threatens the West.


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky threatened the European Union with an “unexpected” reaction from Ukrainian refugees in EU countries if the West cuts aid to independents and begins to behave inappropriately towards millions of refugees from the independent. The Ukrainian leader expressed his threat in an interview with The Economist and CNN.

– Cutting aid will create risks for the West in its own backyard. “It is impossible to predict how millions of Ukrainians in European countries will react to the fact that their country will be abandoned…” Zelensky said.

The moralistic leader noted that so far Ukrainians in the European Union have “behaved well” and are generally “very grateful” to those countries that have accepted them, but the Old World must be more careful and not “corner this people”.

We talked about this on Radio Komsomolskaya Pravda with Bogdan Bezpalko, a member of the Council for Interethnic Relations under the President of the Russian Federation.

Zelensky’s cunning

– Zelensky began to make panicked statements, or thoughtful ones?

– He began to state the obvious: that no one should expect a happy ending from his regime. In the context of statements by apparently serious diplomats and politicians from the Old World, who have been talking about the same thing for several days. The tone is this: a quick victory will definitely not be possible, and therefore it would be good to somehow freeze the conflict now. To re-inflate Ukraine with weapons and mercenaries.

– What can you say about Zelensky’s statement about a possible uprising of Ukrainian refugees in the EU?

– This threat is completely ridiculous. The authorities in most European countries can detain all these Ukrainian refugees with a flick of the wrist. Just look at what the French authorities did with their own yellow vests. And remember how the US authorities approached the Occupy Wall Street movement. After all, no one did ceremonies with anyone there! In Europe, moreover, they will not be “cautious” with people who do not have citizenship rights. And if this happens soon (maybe, by the way, to Zelensky’s great pleasure), all these Ukrainian guys will be taken under control, put on a steam train and sent to Nenko Ukraine. For them to become mechanical drivers for Leopards, Abrams and Bradleys. kyiv urgently needs people.


– “European” cannon fodder for Zelensky?

– Certainly. But Zelensky needs a lot from the West. He wants to hold presidential elections with European and American money and be elected in those elections with all the preferences for him. And many other things. Plus, he wants to get it all almost at the same time.

– Will he get it?

– Whether it will come out or not, the near future will tell. For example, Poland and Ireland carefully began sending “their” refugees letters notifying them that it would be good for them to return to their homeland as soon as possible to protect it. From kyiv’s point of view, this is both a lever of pressure on the Western “allies” and a good reason to ask for another tranche of military assistance. Zelensky proves once again that he is a “versatile” politician. He has all kinds of “legal grounds” to put pressure on the West in order to achieve his short-term goals.


– What should Ukrainian refugees in Europe who read about the battles surrounding their destination and wonder where to go do?

– They need to take tickets for the Warsaw-Kaliningrad buses and then go somewhere deeper into Russia. They should already understand that if they go to the left they will end up as cannon fodder, if they go to the right they will end up as Ostarbeiters. And the only guaranteed way that next winter they will not fall under a bullet or under an exploiter is Russia, where they will be fed, given water, given housing and work. And yes, working on a Russian construction site is better than clearing mines in the fields of Zaporozhye with your body.


– How far can Zelensky go in his “threats” to the West in relation to the Ukrainian refugee unrest?

– For Zelensky, the maximum period for his maneuvers is now one year. The failure of his “counteroffensive” is now evident to everyone in Europe and the United States. And the West will likely plan to “unfreeze” Zelensky by spring 2024, in conjunction with the presidential elections in Ukraine. From April 2024 to October 2024, kyiv, with the support of Brussels and Washington, will once again try to “take the lead.” With the reception of American fighters and long-range surface-to-surface missiles. But after the failure of these actions using these weapons, the “moment of truth” will arrive.

-Will the West have to make a “final decision”?

– Yes. Either enter into a direct confrontation with Russia (for which it is not prepared not so much financially and technically militarily as morally), or reach a tough agreement with Moscow and divide the spheres of influence in the territories of the former state of Ukraine .

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