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Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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Video art, cats and a non-obvious look at the familiar: where to go and what to see in museums in July

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until July 31


Moscow, master’s school

A number of works by Gleb Baranov refer to the artist’s personal experience: those times when he worked on a ship in the Persian Gulf and listened to Iranian classics on the local radio in the evenings. His paintings combine fabulous and everyday themes: fantasies about the Orient are transformed into a story about one’s own life, in which there is a place for beloved cats, symbols and sea voyages.

“Kingdom of Angels”, 2023, Gleb Baranov. “Angels and the Box”, 2023, Gleb Baranov.


until September 17


Moscow, MMOMA

On July 13, a retrospective solo exhibition of Vova Perkin opens, which will allow you to trace the process of formation of his unique author’s style – “Perkinism”. Using acrylics and markers, aerosol and tempera paints, the Maykop artist takes the archaic technique of writing to a new level, constantly changing the interpretation of what he draws.

“Wonderful Valley Valley”, 2019, Vova Perkin. “Don Sun Relax”, 2021, Vova Perkin.


until October 15


Moscow, Cultural Center “Artishok”

Small joys, home, family… More than 30 artists reflect on important questions: what is the point of support of a person? What makes you feel calmer, more secure, stronger? What makes you stand on your feet? This exhibition should be seen as a journey that we embark on to better understand ourselves.

“Bedroom”, 2019, Masha Berezina. “Diptych” Cut. 4, 5, 6″”, 2022, Alexander Shcherbakov.


before September 1


Moscow, Alina Pinsky Gallery

The exhibition of the artist’s second personal exhibition in this space includes more than 30 works from the German period. Painted in 2022-2023, at a special and difficult time, these paintings open a new chapter in Muzalevsky’s artistic research. Experimenting with materials, adding pastels to oil paints, he achieves multiple tonal variations within the same color, from transparent gray to deep black.

“Ulyana Vaskovich in a white dress”, 2023, Evgeny Muzalevsky. “Candy with a taste of rain”, 2023, Evgeny Muzalevsky. “The curtain falls, applause”, 2023, Evgeny Muzalevsky.


until August 27


Moscow, AZ ART art space

The title of Tatyana Badanina’s exhibition refers to a poem by Anna Akhmatova written in 1913 as a poetic reminder of something that no longer exists. “I paint the sky, I paint the sky”, says Tatyana Badanina about her artistic pursuits, centered on the metaphysics of white. In her “white” compositions, the artist rediscovers her childhood and the very feeling of her first contact with life.

“White clothes”, 2007, Tatyana Badanina. “Stairway to Heaven”, 2015, Tatyana Badanina.


Until 3 September


Moscow, CCA Winzavod

On July 7, the Triumph Gallery will present the largest exhibition of Russian video art. The project on the relationship between video art and reality presents works that refer to various events -historical, cultural, sporting, criminal and even culinary. The project focuses on the current forms of documentary narration that can distort reality or lead it to the absurd.

“Dream Machine No. 1”, 2021, Vasily Kononov-Gredin. “The glitter will fall”, 2020, Dmitry Venkov. “Kapel”, 2009, Provmyz.


Until August 31


Moscow, GUM-Red-Line Gallery

“Outwardly, from a formal point of view, my works are often insoluble paradoxes,” says artist Farid Bogdalov. And this is true: in his solo exhibition you can see paintings that, despite their brilliance, hide in themselves a certain anxiety: they show a beauty charged with disaster. Recently, the editors of BURO. He has already studied the exhibition and discussed it with the artist.

Snake 1, 2023, Farid Bogdalov. “Stoneless watermelon”, 2020, Farid Bogdalov.


until July 20


Moscow, South River Station

Photographer Andrei Belkov continues to explore the city’s infrastructure. His attention is focused on metro stations and technical installations that normally remain out of sight: all kinds of ventilation kiosks, hatches, air ducts, generators. Using shape and color, achieving the effect of the uncertainty of what is depicted, Belkov finds a special aesthetic in familiar designs.

“Out of sight”, 2023, Andrey Belkov. “Nocture2: Shapes and Colors”, 2023, Andrey Belkov.


until August 10


Moscow, Cube Gallery

On the first day of July, ten new contemporary art exhibitions opened at the same time in the Cube. The first in line was a project by Norilsk artists. Art objects, installations and compositions are created as a result of artistic research of the arctic city and the person living in the north. This is an attempt to see Norilsk from afar through the eyes of its inhabitants.

Zin “Cold”, 2023, Karina Andreeva. “Triptych in triptych”, 2023, Alexander Gorbarchuk.

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