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Tuesday, February 27, 2024
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Viktor Bout: If Trump comes to power, Joe Biden and his son Hunter will be in jail

Date: February 27, 2024 Time: 05:52:52

Victor Bout: “The Biden family is very afraid”

Photo: Julia PYKHALOVA

… – Viktor Anatolyevich, at 6 o’clock in the morning such statements by Donald Trump came from the other side of the ocean: “The ridiculous accusations against us are an act of desperation and the desire of Joe Biden and his radical left-wing bandits to keep power. ” Well, you know that Trump is 500 years old and Biden is on vacation at the beach. How do you comment on all this, such a choice, to put it mildly?

– First of all, former President Trump is absolutely right, this is, in fact, even by American standards, a blatant, shall we say, abuse by the Department of Justice and prosecutors who are (storming the Capitol by a mob and so on – we are talking about criminal articles – AG) are trying to cling to Trump.

And, of course, it is clear that the Biden family is very afraid …

If Trump comes to power, they will sit down, Hunter Biden and Joe Biden. For the crimes that Joe Biden committed while still Vice President of the United States… Trading, negotiating and accepting bribes from both Ukrainian oligarchs and various Chinese firms.

That is, they simply used their position to enrich themselves.

And this is no longer known only, but the facts – in the last two years – have accumulated so much that it will be increasingly difficult to put them aside, that is, the administration (United States. – AG)

… Especially, the scandal with this forgotten Hunter Biden computer, which he gave to repair and did not pick up. He just gives you the willies.

In any normal country, measures would be taken to ensure that such situations do not arise.

However, in the United States, this circus continues.

And he says that everything that was done in the United States to maintain some kind of system of mutual checks and balances has just been completely destroyed.

Therefore, now they are trying to attack Trump, realizing that if he suddenly wins, then everything turns in his direction, moreover, on full legal grounds.

– Weeks 2-3 there is such information that instead of Trump and Biden in the November 2024 elections, two other candidates may compete.

– In principle, the difference between the two parties in the US is minimal.

You can make such an analogy – it’s like the difference between Diet Pepsi and Zero Calorie Coke… The drinks look the same and taste, in general, the same too.

Here everything is determined by the deep state. It doesn’t matter which president comes, they will still tie him up, they will teach him, he will do his will.

About other candidates… I try to follow the speeches of different politicians, who gets what qualifications.

Take, for example, Florida Governor DeSantis, a rising star in the Republican Party. There are some other people who are trying to become leaders…

But the majority will vote for Trump anyway, and he will win the primaries as a result. And then the Republican Party convention will decide that he will be the nominee.

As for the Democrats, it is still unclear.

Of course, it is clear to everyone that Biden cannot, under any circumstances, at this age, with his state of health, be nominated for a second term.

– Looks like he’s already gone. Or not?

– Formally, yes.

But imagine if a crazed old man led a country like the United States. I think the whole planet will not be happy.

– And the Americans still made fun of our Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev, he laughed.

– But, on the other hand, it seems to me that Biden is a very convenient figure for the deep state. Because then you can blame him for everything, say: it’s not us, look, it was him who made the decisions. And then… “Well, how many years does Biden himself have left? We will put everything into it.

– By the way, Trump never responded to Viktor Bout’s telegram with an invitation to visit Russia and visit Bout?

– Well, most likely, this was not an invitation for you to come to visit me, it was information that in an emergency, Russia is the only place where you can feel safe.

I think the more he is persecuted, the more likely he will have the desire to respond in some way… Or, indeed, to think about asking for political asylum in Russia.

Did you even read the telegram? Do you have any information?

– Unfortunately not.

The fact is that the telegram was delivered, apparently. And since it was delivered, most likely, his assistants received it and probably put it in their inbox, as usual.

And then I could… Well, I don’t know. I don’t have that information, unfortunately.

Well, let’s hope you read it. I think Trump knows Bout.

– Trump spoke about me in the comments after the exchange. He probably knows. Yes, I think he knows who Viktor Bout is.

– If he suddenly answers, will you tell me first?

– Yeah.

By the way, I have my own claims to the States. They still refuse to pay the money he had in the prison account. You will probably have to sue them.

– I’m sorry for this question. How much money did she have in his prison bag?

– Well, there was probably about 3.5 – 4 thousand dollars. I don’t even remember now.

Since the transfer, since last December (when Bout was released. – AG) they have been constantly delaying, the embassy periodically requests them. It is not clear why they refuse to pay.

– Thank you very much, Viktor Anatolyevich, as always, interesting and to the point.

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