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Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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Violence and bullying of a weak old man: the last life partner betrayed the great Alain Delon

Date: June 19, 2024 Time: 14:11:15

Relatives of Alain Delon accused his cohabitant, the Japanese Hiromi Rollin, of psychological abuse and mistreatment of the actor.

Photo: YouTube

The relatives of the French movie star Alain Delon, 87, accused his partner, the Japanese Hiromi Rollin, of psychological abuse and bullying, reports L’independant. What is especially tragic is that the actor himself later joined the lawsuit, often calling the woman his “last companion”.

Alain Delon’s children wrote a statement to the actor’s assistant. The details are horrible: according to them, Hiromi Rollen not only behaved inappropriately and showed aggression towards family members. The girl tried to isolate and control Delon, read his personal correspondence, monitored telephone conversations, and even blackmailed the fragile movie star. She got to the point that Rollin was cruel to the actor’s beloved dog, which Delon had long considered to be the closest to him in his later years…

This information was also confirmed by the family’s lawyer, Christoph Ayel: “This woman, who settled in his house, became more and more aggressive, slandering and insulting him and his children.”

Alain Delon now appears infrequently in public, the photo shows the actor in the fall of 2021.


Alain Delon could not tolerate this attitude any longer and escorted the nurse out of her house in Picardy. It was probably difficult for the actor to survive the betrayal, because Rollin was not just a nurse for him.

In 2019, the actor suffered a heart attack and stroke. At this difficult time, the Japanese Rollin began to work for him. His support and affection captivated the actor. Having coped with the disease, in 2021 Alain introduced her to the press as his life partner. There were rumors that the actor might even decide to get married.

However, the story took a sharp 180 degree turn. Love was torn apart by unprincipled cruelty. And the actor, who once broke women’s hearts, became a victim of a cold-blooded Japanese woman. Love ended in pain and disappointment. Later, Delon supported the claim of his children, confirming the cruel and ruthless attitude of the one who was so dear to him.

Now Hiromi Rollin faces up to three years and a fine of 45,000 euros.

The nurse, for her part, is not nonsense either: shortly after the statement about the accusations against her, she herself filed a lawsuit against Delon’s children and their guards, reports Le Figaro. The woman assures that in reality they were the ones who used aggravated violence, which she is willing to confirm with the results of a medical examination. She denies the accusations against her. The reaction of the actor’s relatives is not yet known.

Let us remember that what happened left an indelible mark on the soul of Alain Delon. So much so that in early 2022 he announced that he wanted to resort to euthanasia. The most handsome man turned into a tormented old man was going to end his life in Switzerland. Delon’s son, Anthony, claimed that the actor had already made a will.

Fortunately, although these plans are not destined to come true…


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