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Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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Vitaly Korotich: the “independence” of the United States “does not threaten the Hawaiian Islands”

Date: June 19, 2024 Time: 19:39:08

Biden deigned to visit burned Hawaii just two weeks later.


– Vitaly Alekseevich, perhaps some unexpected information has arrived. The Guardian writes that Hawaiians wanted independence from the United States, after the recent catastrophic fires “that incinerated West Maui.” How can we evaluate this fiery political event?

– The fact, Alexander, is that the Hawaiian Islands are one of those relatively young American states. They did not participate in the fight for independence, in the Civil War, etc. And, most importantly, the American states – including this one – have no history of independent existence as states. They were never complete in this sense. And they won’t.

– So what is Hawaii trying to achieve?

“Most likely, behind these demands and exclamations is the desire to get something out of the federal budget. In addition, they were probably offended by the fact that when they had a fire, they did not extinguish it with the full power of the American military, but somehow with less energy.

– Both the American media and ours wrote that Biden finally deigned to visit the burned Hawaii only two weeks later, just on August 20.

– Material support to the victims of the fire was minimal.

– Here’s the quote: “On the Hawaiian island of Maui, where a fire that destroyed the city of Lahaina killed 118 people and left hundreds missing, Biden was greeted with “Go Home Joe” signs, profanity and gestures. obscene.”

– And besides, the Hawaiian islands have their own special mentality. Jack London and others also wrote about how many Māori there are (indigenous peoples – AG). That is, its former inhabitants, who do not even know which country they are in. Perhaps the only thing Hawaii has left its mark on in American history is that at one time the US Pacific Fleet was stationed there, at Pearl Harbor. It’s a famous story when the Japanese came there and destroyed that fleet in a bombing raid.

– Well, that was once…

– In the late 1930s. This started World War II for the Americans. And here’s another thing… For us Christians, basically, all of life is simple: life is death. And for people who profess Eastern religions, life is circular, it never ends with death, but begins with rebirth. Then he was a man, then he will be reborn into someone else, he will become someone, someone else, then he will be reborn again. There is a lot of this “other thinking” in Hawaii, but there was not and is no separate state thinking there. So, I repeat, the “independence” of the United States “does not threaten” the Hawaiian Islands.

– Thank you very much, Vitaly Alekseevich. Explained…

– Thank you.

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