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Saturday, May 25, 2024
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Vladimir Vishnevsky: “All my life I have been immodest, vain and ambitious”

Date: May 25, 2024 Time: 16:45:27

Photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

Vladimir Vishnevsky as if jokingly calls himself a “living classic”, and then ironically adds: “this can be fixed.” But after a second of brief reflection, he insists again: he is one of the most quoted poets of our time. You never know for sure where he’s joking and where he’s serious. However, it is known for certain that he is a master at rhyming his thoughts briefly and with humor.

Usually Vladimir Vishnevsky postpones his birthday until autumn and arranges the so-called autumn picnics, where a large number of people gather.

“It’s true: my birthday has always been celebrated loudly and repeatedly,” Vishnevsky confirms jokingly. – But this time, due to the improbability of the figures, which you do not want to believe, it will be unusually modest. Anniversaries are always pompous, with summaries, with a series of stereotypes in the words of those who toast, like these: “At 70, everything is just beginning”… I assure you: nothing begins. And don’t expect me to admit that “I don’t regret a thing.” I also have a lot of regrets… Although without false modesty I will say that I feel and look much younger than my age. Therefore, I call my anniversary – “whiter without you.” Today I will not sing, whiter without me happened to me…

– Unusually modest – Is it like: congratulations and toasts in the family circle?

– Yes, there will be a family party. My wife Tatiana is an excellent cook. Although I have simple tastes: potatoes, herring, vodka. I hope to drink both Russian vodka and Mexican tequila. However, I do not give up a more massive celebration. As they say, in the fall, we’ll see when everyone returns. Although no one really left.

– What are unfulfilled desires, unfulfilled dreams?

– It is important for me to “show signs of life” in the work on new books. Now I am working on a book from the cycle “Poems of the Patriotic Assembly” – the title says SOS. Books that have recently come out should also be dealt with. One of them is called beautifully and mysteriously: “! Me: bird, wow.” This is a well-published collection of poetry. Contains obscene language. With the permission of Roskomnadzor, it is sold in sealed form. It is dedicated to the great Russian language, where the protected and precious area is Russian profanity. Paraphrasing Pushkin: Russian mat, ruthless, but not meaningless. Another book, “GEHT”, is the name of my father, which I carried until I was 18 years old. This is a book about my childhood in Moscow, about my parents, about old Moscow, about my idols. A little memory.

As for wishes… I would like the illusion of stability associated with my literary work to be preserved for life. So that my work is adequately paid and this was a manifestation of my demand. It is important for me to be needed and useful to my family, where Vlad’s 13-year-old daughter is growing up. Today for me it is more important than fame. Although all my life I was immodest, vain and ambitious. And I’m still happy when they recognize me on the street, they come to ask me for an autograph. But only the well-being of my family attests to how effective I am as a writer.

– Are you superstitious?

– In moderation. Superstitions are important to many people. Therefore, they must be taken into account and must be respected. That does not change the need for prayer.

– And sometimes you act in movies…

– He acted in 27 movies. It is true that they are of different quality, but I am grateful to all the directors who entrusted me to play a role with him. Yes, there is such a sin: I like acting. In addition, the producers allow me to make adjustments to the words that the role assigns me. And in the cinema I am still a writer who gives meaning to the word.


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