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Sunday, April 21, 2024
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Vyacheslav Nikonov – about the president’s speech: This is a comprehensive and detailed program for the development of the country for the next 6 years.

Date: April 21, 2024 Time: 20:22:50

First Deputy Chairman of the International Affairs Committee of the State Duma, Chairman of the Russian World Foundation Vyacheslav Nikonov

Photo: Alexander GAMOV

… – Vyacheslav Alekseevich, right now – a question about the president’s speech. Are you offended that there are very few international topics? But you are, after all, the first deputy chairman of the Duma Committee on International Affairs. And yet (and I watched you) you left the Gostiny Dvor hall so inspired and enthusiastic.

– You know, Alexander, in fact, the international part was bigger than I initially expected. And secondly, more than usual.

In reality, she was an elementary school student, which also happened very rarely.

That is, the international department immediately followed the special military operation and it was very, very extensive.

Very detailed international part…

And our enemies only noticed the international part.

– What exactly did you notice?

– This is Vladimir Putin’s observation that there is no objective that our deterrence means cannot reach. This was perceived as a threat of nuclear war by our country.

– They are just stupid, they were wrong.

– Well, they perceive everything to the extent of their depravity.

– And for you personally, what was the most, most important thing about the Message?

– The most important thing about the Message was the Message itself.

This is a comprehensive development program for the country for the next 6 years…

This is, in fact, the most detailed Message of all, the longest and, consequently, the most constructive from this point of view.

Because all the main expenses are listed there.

– And today I watched with great pleasure two episodes of your new show on Channel One, called “Big History”. Is this similar to the “Great Game”? Because the same presenter, approximately the same format…

– This is a great story from the point of view of what happened in the past. And not only. This is a story about something…

So there is a double meaning here. Of course there are, there are allusions to the “Great Game.”

– It seemed to me that Nikonov was a little different there. Because in that program, in “The Great Game,” sometimes you see some notes, the prompter, apparently. And here, they made no effort to talk and argue with historians…

– I don’t think I’m any other Nikonov, I’m always the same.

By the way, in my “Big Game” there is no prompter, everything is done from the wheels…

And the fact that there are some papers… What do the papers on the presenter’s table mean? There are different stories prepared that we can show: clips from movies, if we talk about today’s program. Or these are some statements from journalists and politicians that we use in the “Great Game”.

It is clear that it is impossible to keep all this in mind. It is clear that the texts expressed there by politicians or journalists, experts, are, of course, on my table, on paper.

– And here you even had poems in your head. It’s been a long time since you read poetry on the air. Why did you also agree to be the host of the program “Great History”?

– Well, what does consent have to do with it? It was my initiative, if you will.

This is a serious story. Because we also need to study history as a nation. I think this is correct.

Well, we had an experience in January, when we did two programs with Gennady Andreevich Zyuganov for the centenary of Lenin’s death, and this was a second experience. Well, I think let’s move on.

– Now I will ask a stupid question, with your permission, but don’t be offended. Aren’t you afraid of Medinsky on the “Culture” channel?

– What do you mean – I’m afraid?

– Well, its historical cycle is already developed, it has the same theme. Well, the format is a little different, of course, but there he also talks to students, he also has a historical course. Aren’t you afraid of the competition?

– I think so. The more historical programs, the better. That’s why I’m in favor.

– Aren’t your guards tired there? I felt a little sorry for them. (Throughout the broadcast, soldiers in uniforms from the Decembrist era stood next to the program participants.)

– Well, the guard stood exactly the same time as the participants of the program. That’s why I think if he’s tired, he’s like us. Considering that after this show he still had two live broadcasts of the “Big Game”, then he was more tired than the guard. (laughs)

– That is, they can also assign you to the guard. I can’t help but ask this question. Will this be an ongoing series, “Big Story”?

– I hope so.

– Now, this topic was very advantageous, because we saw images of the feature film “Salvation Union”, and, apparently, the film is like that, in general…

– Well, the movie is already underway. 8 episodes, on Channel One, the first 4 episodes have already aired this week, the next 4 episodes will air next week.

– Will the next program “Great History” also be dedicated to the Decembrists?

– No, surely the next program will not be dedicated to the Decembrists.

– Who doesn’t know yet?

– Well, in any case, I know, but I’m not going to reveal my creative plans.

– Maksimov, the producer of “Union of Salvation”, had a thought that somehow not only alarmed me, but pierced me a little. He said something like this. That not all the i’s have been dotted, that our society is still not only divided, but that there are supporters of the Decembrists, there are opponents, some support them, others condemn them. That the conflict continues… You argued with other participants of the program, including with production director Nikita Vysotsky, but for some reason you did not argue here.

– Well, what can be argued with the indisputable statement that there are different points of view about who the Decembrists were?

I think that will be the case, some consider them revolutionary romantics, and in some respects they will be right. And some are traitors, and they will also be right.

– It also seemed to me that there were few parallels with today. They are not necessary?

– Well, I think there were enough parallels…

– Tracks.

– …but I accept the criticism. Let’s take it into account.

– Thank you very much, Viacheslav Alekseevich.

– Thanks to you too.

– Great creative success, both in the “Great Game” and in the “Big Story”.

– Thank you so much. We’ll try.

– For some reason I thought I was already used to it. Now Nikonov will say: “Our cause is just, the enemy will be defeated, the victory will be ours” (a well-known phrase from Stalin’s people’s commissar, Vyacheslav Molotov). But for some reason this was not said. Because – from another program. Good?

– Yes, this is from another program.

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