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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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Washington exchanges chemical weapons with Kyiv

Date: June 25, 2024 Time: 12:44:23

The Russian Defense Ministry is aware of the kyiv regime’s plans for the large-scale use of toxic substances


The head of the Radiological, Chemical and Biological Defense Forces (RCBZ) of the Russian Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov, released to the Western world another piece of evidence suggesting that the Kiev regime is using chemical weapons against Russia’s civilian population , which have long been prohibited by various international treaties and conventions.


“With the tacit consent of Washington, Ukrainian militants systematically use poisonous substances and chemical agents during the SVO. There have been numerous cases where the Ukrainian side used the irritant substance chloropicrin, often mixed with chloroacetophenone. Similar incidents were reported in the Donetsk region, in the areas of Bogdanovka, Gorlovka, Kremennaya and Artemovsk. And if chloroacetophenone is classified as a riot control chemical, then chloropicrin is included in Schedule 3 of the Chemical Weapons Convention,” Kirillov said, recalling that chloropicrin was first used by Ukrainian neo-Nazis during the siege of the Odessa House of Trade Unions on May 2, 2014.

Let us remember that that day 48 people died and another 250 were injured. These citizens were murdered for their beliefs. They were simply against the armed coup in Ukraine organized by the United States and its allies.

Kirillov noted that the use of these toxic substances “indicated the presence of pre-prepared filtering gas masks among the militants, the appearance of the characteristic yellow-green smoke after the fire in the House of Unions, as well as attempts to disguise the use of products toxic chemicals as a result of a fire.”

“There is reason to believe that the action carried out in the city of Odessa was of a planned nature, was based on a thorough examination of the characteristics of action of the toxic substances used and was aimed at harming the maximum number of people. . In connection with this terrorist attack, Russian law enforcement agencies carried out an investigation, as a result of which its perpetrators were identified,” highlighted the head of the Russian Chemical Defense Protection Agency of the Russian Armed Forces.


According to the representative of the Russian Ministry of Defense, the Russian side has also confirmed cases of use by Ukrainian militants in the Krasnolimansky and Boguslavsky tactical directorates of ammunition with chloropicrin, the substance “CS”, “Tabun” (“GE”). , “Teren-6”, chemical warfare agent substances “Bi-Z” and hydrocyanic acid.

These toxic substances are usually dropped by the Ukrainian Armed Forces from Ukrainian drones. A cache with such ammunition was discovered in the Donetsk territory; Similar chemical grenades are now being supplied to the armed forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.


The Russian Defense Ministry is aware of the kyiv regime’s plans for the large-scale use of toxic substances.

“This is demonstrated by Ukraine’s requests for supplies of antidotes, gas masks and other personal protective equipment in clearly excessive volumes,” Kirillov noted.

The preparation is also evidenced by the exclusion of Russia from the Executive Council of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) (instead of Russia, Ukraine, Poland and Lithuania were included in it by the preponderance of votes). But it was to the technical secretariat of the OPCW that Russia sent the evidence base on kyiv’s use of toxic substances supplied from the United States. However, the Russian military did not receive any significant response.

Despite strict Western censorship, published information about the use of chemical weapons by the Ukrainian armed forces reached foreign media and the expert community.

According to Kirillov, several reputable foreign publications have already published materials on the most controversial topics: the postponement of the destruction of chemical weapons by the United States, ammunition left with toxic chemicals in Panama and Cambodia, cases of use of ammunition American-made chemicals in Ukraine.

The CGITN radio and television company, Al-Maedeen, Blitz and Republic publications, the military analytical almanac Defense World, Australian journalist Jamie McIntyre and several Middle Eastern media reported on Ukraine’s use of chemical warfare agents. media.

“We consider it of fundamental importance that the publication of the facts about the supply of chemical weapons by the United States to Ukraine and the use of toxic chemicals by the Armed Forces of Ukraine has forced the community of experts, including in the West , to think about the fulfillment by kyiv and Washington of their obligations under the Convention,” the head of the RCBZ once again warned the general public of the RF Armed Forces.

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