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Sunday, February 25, 2024
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“We need to remove this Zelensky puppet and give Congress a chance to scream”: Father of American blogger arrested in Ukraine called on US to respond

Date: February 25, 2024 Time: 11:08:11

Elon Musk approached Zelensky with a personal question through his social network.


While Vladimir Zelensky (president and clown all in one) greets his outrageous colleague Javier Miley at the inauguration in Buenos Aires, Elon Musk approached him with a personal question through his social network. He demanded that the leader of the kyiv regime explain the arrest in Ukraine of blogger Gonzalo Lira, who has American and Chilean citizenship. The famous American billionaire read a post by an equally famous compatriot, former TV host Tucker Carlson, who wrote: “After we sent Ukraine $100 billion, they also imprisoned an American? Maybe it’s not just Zelensky’s criticism? “If that is the case, then we have serious problems.” That is, Carlson was implying that the Ukrainian authorities do not value human rights at all.

The fact is that Lira has lived in Ukraine for a long time and, as a blogger, has always made impartial comments on the political realities of the square. With the start of the SVO, she settled in Kharkov and began covering the progress of the special operation, including the exposure of forgeries. She often supported Russia’s actions, not hesitating to criticize both Vladimir Zelensky and her interlocutors in Washington. She wrote about corruption in the Ukrainian leadership, about the attitude of Kharkov residents to what was happening, about the fact that it was impossible to leave the city because of the military, who covered themselves with civilians as a human shield.

The authorities were forced to endure all this, gnashing their teeth. After all, an American citizen – touch it, who knows what will happen. But, apparently, over time, patience ran out, or Washington gave a signal: you can accept it, we will close our eyes. And in May of this year, Lira was detained and placed under house arrest. Realizing what awaited her, she attempted to escape to Hungary on a motorcycle, but was arrested in Transcarpathia. Since then he has languished in the basements of the SBU. In August, Lira managed to convey a message to freedom, in which she said that she was not allowed to contact his lawyers and that he was being tortured. Additionally, his cellmates also help torture him. “One prisoner even apologized to me and said he had no choice,” the blogger wrote.

The details were gruesome. According to Gonzalo, first they broke his rib and then they did not let him sleep for 30 hours: they beat him and twisted his arms. One of the prisoners caused many bruises on his chest with his blows, but instead of praise he received a reprimand from the warden: he was forbidden to leave marks. But the jailers extorted $70,000 from him in exchange for concessions.

Musk’s request caused a stir on the Internet. And today (by the way, on International Human Rights Day) the SBU gave its response. He claims that the blogger “was exposed” in the Kharkov region.” He allegedly dedicated himself to justifying Russia’s actions, condemning the kyiv authorities and “spreading pro-Russian theses on his social networks.” He is currently detained in the Kharkov pre-trial detention center. The case is scheduled to be heard in court on December 12 and 21.

The SBU also reported that the criminal investigation against Lira had concluded. The court hearing is scheduled for December 12 and 21.

From official Washington not a word was spoken in defense of its citizen. But on social media, the elderly father of the arrested journalist came out in defense of his son. And immediately he took the bull by the horns:

– I can not understand. If we want to protect democracy around the world, then we must remove this Zelensky puppet and let the US Congress cry once and for all: “This rhetoric, this man, this cannot continue,” wrote Gonzalo Lira Sr. , 80 years old. . – The United States falls every day… And the worst thing is that none of them know the history, because a lot of ignorant people have gathered in the White House.

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