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Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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What are esportsmen playing today and what is at stake? – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Date: June 18, 2024 Time: 11:00:05

And what else are cybersportsmen fighting for now and what are domestic game designers developing? With this question, “RG” turned to the director of the Intercontinental Esports League, Alexander Gorbachenko.

What are the best cyber games?

Alexander Gorbachenko: In Russia, games based on military history are traditionally developed and very popular. First of all, about the Great Patriotic War. Among the best of our developments on this topic, I would highlight the IL-2 Sturmovik flight simulator, the real-time strategy “Confrontation” and “Blitzkrieg” of the early 2000s, and the modern three-dimensional tactical battle “World of Tanks “. It is also worth noting the relatively new multiplayer online game with elements of the simulator “War Thunder” (War Thunder), dedicated to armored vehicles, navies and combat aircraft in the First and Second World Wars and the Cold War. Also worth noting is the multiplayer online shooter “Caliber” from 1C Game Studios about the special forces of different countries.

But the plots of Russian games are not limited to the Great Patriotic War and the 20th century in general. For example, in 2008, the Voronezh company World Forge, together with the Russobit-M studio, released one of the best, in my opinion, real-time historical strategies “Golden Horde” on the Mongol invasion of Rus. Now, with the support of the Internet Development Institute, a large-scale historical RPG based on the events of the Time of Troubles based on the novel by Mikhail Zagoskin “Yuri Miloslavsky, or the Russians in 1612” is being developed. .

There are also very interesting home game developments dedicated to science fiction and alternative history. For example, the recently released 3D shooter with elements of the “Atomic Heart” RPG from the Mundfish studio. The plot of the game is dedicated to the alternative history of the USSR, where the mass production of humanoid household robots began.

That is, domestic developments, speaking in the language of young people, rule?

Alexander Gorbachenko: All the best combat flight simulators have been created in Russia, from World War I planes to modern aviation. The highest level of detail in flight physics, avionics and weapons. These are actually simulators for pilots of certain types of aircraft like the Yak-52 and L-39. In the gaming industry, as in other areas, for obvious reasons, the emphasis is on your own developments.

Also, in my opinion, the country’s leadership is well aware that computer games, along with movies, music and books, are the most important tool of soft power influencing the formation of worldview and tastes. Of the youngs. It is obvious that in the current realities it is not advisable to leave such an important area at the mercy of Western companies.

How to become an athlete

How are esports different from gaming?

Alexander Gorbachenko: In 2016, the Ministry of Sports published an order to include computer sports in the All-Russian Register of Sports. So, esports, despite many prejudices, is a complete sport that meets all the conditions and criteria of official competitive activity.

Of course, it has its own characteristics. In computer sports, one person competes with another person through computer hardware and software. But at the core remains a struggle of will, character, physical training, and intellect.

Gamers spend their time playing video games for entertainment. In computer sports, the goal is to achieve serious results in competition with trained opponents. Therefore discipline, regular training, equipment and daily routine are important. It’s like with soccer. To become a pro, it’s not enough to kick the ball around in the backyard with your friends from time to time. You have to go to the section where there is a coach, a team, a training system. You will need to train regularly, participate in competitions, follow a sports regimen and diet. The same is true in esports. Anyone who wants to become a professional esports player and earn money for a living must systematically and regularly work with coaches and sports psychologists, follow a strict training and rest schedule, play with the team, constantly study tactics and analyze past matches, analyzing their mistakes. and the game of the opponents.

In addition, the initial data and the presence of sports talent are also important. Unfortunately, in esports, as in any other sport, not everyone can achieve serious results from the very beginning. Tens of millions of people play computer games, but only a few hundred of them earn money on this, and only a few become stars and champions.

2 – 4 thousand dollars on average earn per month professional e-sportsmen in Russia

Waiting for “Games of the Future”

What does the buzzword “phygital” mean today?

Alexander Gorbachenko: The concept of “phygital sport” was formed by combining the English words physical (physical) and digital (digital) and means integrated competitions at the intersection of physical and digital sports.

Next year, Kazan will host Russia’s first figurative “Games of the Future”. The bill on its application has already been submitted to the State Duma. In April, the head of state published a video message to the participants in the launch of the countdown to the start of the first Games of the Future international multi-sport competition. As envisioned by the organizers, these competitions will be in part a replacement for the Olympic Games, where Russia and Russian athletes are now subject to unfair discrimination and restrictions by the IOC.

The idea itself originated in Russia in 2005 as part of the Big Fight project under the auspices of the Train to the Future All-Russian Anti-Drug Program. Then the athletes first played computer games, and then their real sports counterpart. The result exceeded expectations.

Today, this format has been significantly modified by the organizers of the Games of the Future. These games combine classic and computer sports, esports tournaments, virtual and augmented reality competitions with traditional football, basketball, hockey and martial arts matches on a single platform. In the future, these new varieties of functional digital sports will gain popularity not only in Russia, but throughout the world, creating a worthy competition and an alternative to the Olympic Games.

I personally believe that Russia will once again show the world the best approach and the highest level of organization of a sporting event. Therefore, I watch the test games with great interest and look forward to the grandiose international finals in Kazan.


According to the research company Newzoo, the Russian esports audience is 14.5 million people. According to this indicator, Russia ranks third in the world after the United States and China.

According to a study by the ESforce holding, the audience for esports resources is mostly male (96.49%) between the ages of 18 and 34 (88.95%), most of whom work (63.86%) or study in universities (27.37%).

According to the NAFI analysis center, 60% of Russians regularly play video games.

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