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Saturday, May 25, 2024
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What information do I have to give in a claim sheet for a bar or a store?

Date: May 25, 2024 Time: 16:58:22

Whenever there is talk about bad service in a business, bar or establishment facing the public, the famous complaint form is mentioned. However, many people do not know what to write down in them and how to proceed since they have never had the misfortune to use them.

The Complaint Sheets are official documents that the Autonomous Communities issue and standardize. They are present in practically all establishments and services open to the public, with the purpose of facilitating the communication of complaints, claims or reports.

What specific data must be included in a claim form?

Data of the person claiming: Name, ID, email and telephone number.

Compulsory nature of the Claims Sheets

According to the Law, all natural or legal persons who act within the framework of a business activity aimed at the commercialization of goods or services for final users or consumers are obliged to have the Complaint Forms available.

Guaranteeing your rights as a consumer

The Complaint Sheets are a fundamental tool to protect the rights of consumers. Through them, you have the possibility to express any dissatisfaction or problem that you have experienced during a commercial transaction.

Steps to submit a Claim Sheet:

Next, we will explain the steps you must follow to file a claim using the Claim Forms:

Identify the establishment: Before starting the claim process, make sure you correctly identify the establishment or service in which the incident you wish to report occurred. Write down the name, address, and any other relevant details. According to the Law, they have the obligation to provide it free of charge. If they refuse or hinder you, remember that you have the right to demand it. Complete all the required fields on the claim form: Make sure you provide accurate contact information so that they can contact you regarding your claim. Describe in detail your claim: it is important that you describe clearly and in detail the reason for your claim. Explain facts objectively, without exaggerating or omitting relevant information. Give one copy to the facility and keep another for your personal records.

How is a claim sheet delivered?

In commercial establishments, the Complaint Sheets can be delivered to the consumer in different formats for their convenience and legal validity. Here are the most common options:

Carbonless paper format: in this format, claim sheets consist of a set of two sheets, one original and one copy. Carbonless paper allows data to be automatically transferred to the copy by writing on the original sheet without the need to use carbon paper or other copying methods.Download format: ​Another option is to receive the claim forms in the format of download In this case, the consumer is provided with the possibility of downloading the document in digital format, which consists of two equal copies. It is important to note that both copies must be filled in with the same content to ensure the validity of the claim.

For all these reasons, the complaint sheet is a valuable resource to protect the rights of consumers. Once you can understand how to process it here, we hope you never have to do this registration and always have a good customer experience.

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