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Thursday, May 23, 2024
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What is known about the state of health of the NVO fighter who was beaten in Transbaikalia

Date: May 23, 2024 Time: 09:12:26

The SVO fighter, who was beaten in Transbaikalia, was released from the hospital.

As we already said, on the night of Sunday, August 6, an emergency occurred in the Trans-Baikal Territory: hooligans inflicted injuries on the Hero of the SVO, a disabled person who lost his leg at the front, Mikhail Taskin.

Mikhail a week ago, on August 10, on my advice, opened his own bank account to raise funds.

The problem is that, according to Alexander Sapozhnikov, the mayor of Chita, who volunteered for a special operation in the fall of 2022, where he spent almost half a year, Mikhail has not yet received a disability pension. And he and his wife Svetlana have to repay the loan they took to buy a car. Mikhail “taxed” with him, to earn a living and pay off the loan.

But the car was damaged by hooligans who attacked Taskin. And it still needs to be restored. Now everyone can help Mikhail and his family. (Account details via link)

On Thursday, August 17, I contacted Mikhail Taskin again by phone…

… – Misha, hello! How do you feel?

– Yeah, it’s okay now. Yesterday I was released from the hospital.

– Aren’t you in the hospital anymore? Good thanks God.

– Yes Yes.

– Are you in Nerchinsk now?

– No, I live in Chita.

– Are you in good health, has everything stabilized?

– Well, there is still a bit of dizziness, but the doctors say that within a month or a month and a half, this dizziness will pass. And so everything is fine.

– Good thanks God. Thanks to the doctors. Tell me please, do you communicate with your guys who are in the NWO zone?

– Yes, of course – in contact. There I have colleagues with whom I worked together, my older brother is now. Of course we communicate.

– What are they saying? How is your mood, what is your spirit?

– So the fighting spirit seems to be normal now, there is a breakthrough on our side. Of course, it is not everywhere, but in some places it is such that our line of contact is moving forward.

– Yes, we also observe all this and we are happy for our people. Tell me please, did it happen to you that this emergency that happened to you made you famous throughout the country, do they still call you, do they text you? What do people say about you and you?

– Yes, of course, to whom it is not indifferent, they call and write on social networks. I only hear words of support.

– Consequently, it is also reported in detail in all media. Three defendants are already testifying (we are talking about the case of beating Taskin. – AG), as I understand it, two were detained earlier, the third came himself. And the investigation continues.

– Yes, he’s coming.

– Are you also still working with the investigation?

– Yes. Only, remotely, we communicate by phone. I personally did not meet with the investigators these days.

– Have you returned the police car yet? Is she there, as proof?

– Yes Yes.

– Yes, and it’s too early for you to drive. Here we published in Komsomolskaya Pravda, and then I added in social networks – your account. How do people respond? Have you started any receipts?

– Yes, yes, people responded and helped.

– Is it a significant help?

– Certainly. The main thing is not even money, care, the main thing is that they help. Whatever the amount, everyone is happy. Thank you all.

– You have direct impressions, who sent how much, right?

– Yes Yes.

– I think we will repeat this account once again for visitors to our site, in social networks, for readers of Komsomolskaya Pravda. And now you have the opportunity to address yourself with a few words… Yes, what do people write there, tell us, do they not only send money, but do you get any news?

– They write – get well soon, you are our Hero – in that spirit. I want to thank everyone, of course, for their attention, for their support.

– That is, you and your wife Svetlana felt that you are not alone, that you have many friends throughout our great country.

– Yes, sure.

– How did Svetlana react, in general, to this? To the fact that Komsomolskaya Pravda announced a fundraiser?

– She was surprised that we have such that we help each other. It’s OK now.

– You’re great. Say hello to Svetlana and get well soon, get in shape. Is there anything else you would like to say to your supporters?

Thank you very much everyone, what else is there? Basically, don’t add it. It is nice. This help and care of people.

– You deserve it. There is so much sincerity and warmth in your words. Misha, thank you very much, we will follow your destiny. Hello Svetlana, hello Chita, Transbaikalia and all the best to you.

– Thank you.

Mikhail’s account details at the article link.


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