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Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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What is the best country in the world to retire? Spain is in the Top 10

Date: May 22, 2024 Time: 11:06:41

More and more retirees choose to move once they finish their working career and begin to receive their pension. The goal is to find a new lifestyle and even fulfill those dreams that they were unable to realize when they were young in different or more exotic countries.

As every year, the specialized magazine International Living presents its Global Retirement Index 2024, a report where they examine the factors that drive retirement security and compare the best pension policies between the countries analyzed. The objective of this study is to provide pensioners with a tool that allows them to know where and how to preserve wealth more efficiently while they enjoy retirement.

In total, this index takes the main globalized performance indicators in health systems, financial services, quality of life and general well-being, where unemployment policies or per capita income are taken into account. Furthermore, it is worth noting that Spain is among the 10 best selected countries. What do you think will be the best country in the world to retire? Here is the list:

Colombia best country to retire

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The South American country presents itself as an attractive retirement destination, offering a combination of natural beauties that include sunny beaches, cool mountains and dense jungles like the Amazon. Its rich cultural history, marked by the influence of Afro-Colombian and indigenous communities, adds deep cultural value to the experience of living there. Additionally, Colombia has made significant progress in safety and provides a healthcare system that competes favorably with those in developed countries, all at a relatively low cost of living.

Paris, best country to retire

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9. France

It stands out as a refuge for retirees looking for a quiet and stylish life. Despite its reputation for being expensive, France offers areas where the cost of living is surprisingly affordable. Expats can enjoy an enriching lifestyle, taking advantage of community-focused social and cultural benefits. In addition, its health system is accessible and of high quality, making it an ideal destination for those seeking to combine comfort with the beauty of its natural and urban environment.

Malaysia best retired countries

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8. Malaysia

The Southeast Asian country offers expatriates with its low cost of living and the high quality of services and amenities available at a fraction of the cost of the West. Malaysia provides a rich and diverse cultural experience, influenced by a mix of historical Asian and European cultures. In addition, its strategic location facilitates access to neighboring countries, making it an ideal hub for those wishing to explore Asia.

Greece destination retirement country


7. Greece

It is one of the dream destinations for many retirees, thanks to its Mediterranean climate, its impressive landscapes and its rich history. Greece offers a low price of living compared to other European countries, and is especially attractive to those looking to invest in property thanks to programs such as the golden visa. Its accessible healthcare system and the hospitality of its inhabitants make Greece a charming and convenient place to live.




Known for its climatic and topographic diversity, allowing expats to choose between living on the coast, the mountains or the Amazon. It is recognized for being a cheap country to live in, including affordable and high-quality healthcare. Ecuador also offers a welcoming environment for foreigners, with a society that values ​​inclusion and family, reflected in policies that favor retirees.



5. Spain

Our country attracts retirees for its diverse climate, price of living and rich cultural offering. From sunny coasts to vibrant cities full of history and art, Spain offers an exceptional quality of life. Its healthcare system is among the best in the world, offering expats a wide range of medical services at reasonable prices.

Private Urraca Island in Panama


4. Panama

The canal is its greatest attraction, but it also stands out for its economic and political stability, and is particularly attractive to retirees due to its tax incentives and ease of obtaining residence visas. Its strategic location and dollarized economy facilitate a smooth transition for Americans. Additionally, Panama offers a mix of tropical climates and modern urban landscapes, along with a high-quality, accessible healthcare system.

Few places have such a rich archaeological heritage as Cancún. Many luxurious resorts offer visitors a family vacation where they can feel the warm tropical climate of Yucatan.


3. Mexico

Mexico has a wide variety of natural and urban environments, providing options for all tastes. Its rich and welcoming culture, along with a high-quality and affordable healthcare system, makes it a favorite destination for many foreigners looking to stretch their pensions.

holiday destination of Portuguese royalty



Its natural beauty, mild climate and relatively low cost of living attract many retirees. It is easy to adapt due to the large expat community and the friendliness of the locals. Its health system is one of the best ranked in the world, offering accessible and high-quality services in both the public and private sectors.

Puerto Viejo (Costa Rica).


1.Costa Rica

With its motto of “pura vida”, it offers a high quality of life in an exceptional natural environment. It is known for its political stability, its commitment to sustainability and an accessible public and private health system. It is a country that encourages a healthy and relaxed lifestyle, ideal for those seeking a retreat in contact with nature and a welcoming community.

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