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Friday, April 19, 2024
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What made the enemy flee from Avdeevka: “They divided the city into two parts”

Date: April 19, 2024 Time: 01:48:24

Avdiivka showed the first case of mass disobedience of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to their commanders. Photo: Dmitry Yagodkin/TASS

What lessons should we learn from the operation in Avdeevka and what lessons have already been learned in the West? We talked about this on Radio Komsomolskaya Pravda with military observer Daniil Bezsonov.


– Why does German Defense Minister Pistorius warn that in 5-8 years Russia will supposedly attack NATO?

– In the European member countries of NATO, public opinion is being prepared. All of these statements are directed at your audience.

-What are they trying to convince people of?

– That “Russia is the aggressor” and that it is time for the citizens of NATO countries to prepare to protect themselves from the Russian threat, since “it is real.”

Ukraine as a territory: initially defined as a battlefield between NATO and Russia. After all, in fact, we have already been at war with the alliance for two years. All capabilities of NATO’s military-industrial and intelligence potential are at the service of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. And the countries of the alliance are the rear and food base of the Ukrainian army. Who has been serving as NATO front-line infantry for two years. When the Ukrainians end, the Poles, the Baltics and the Romanians begin.

– Do they declare a threat not because we want to attack them?

“They are preparing public opinion, wanting to provoke this conflict. And we have to prepare for this.


– Did the “Azovites” banned in Russia falter near Avdeevka?

– This 3rd assault brigade has just entered Avdeevka to defend the flanks. They had to go in, regroup, conduct reconnaissance, and at that time the Ukrainian infantry units were supposed to hold us in positions. But his infantry began to retreat chaotically. And these Azov* bastards joined them. In fact, they didn’t even have time to start their task.

– Did the “Azovites”* of Avdeevka refuse to surrender?

– They are more sectarian than members of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. But they, like others, give up. But in percentage terms there are fewer. And then to be caught, you still have to be lucky. The firearms work is so intense in this area that you will have to survive until you are captured. So in terms of them not wanting to give up, I doubt there will be much difference between 2022 and 2024.

– What do you think of the claims that Avdeevka is a new Stalingrad and a turning point in the Northern Military District?

– Well, what is Stalingrad, what is the turning point? If our task, for example, is only to liberate the DPR, then yes, Avdievka has strategic importance. If our task is to take control of the territory of Ukraine, then Avdeevka is one of the hundreds of settlements we have to take, among the largest cities. Similar speeches were given about Bakhmut. Here we need to understand where the framework of our operation is.

– By the way, where?

– My subjective opinion is, to begin with, the territory of Ukraine. And now to say that Avdeevka is Stalingrad, a turning point, the line of contact has collapsed and everything will be fine, well, why lull the vigilance of citizens?

– What should our citizens understand?

– That the fighting, unfortunately, will last a long time. And that this concerns everyone.

– And you don’t need to relax?

– On the contrary, we must strive and everyone must contribute to our victory. Which is yet to happen. Every citizen of our country can do his job in his workplace in the most efficient way possible or even try to surpass his plan. Then he will automatically help the country and our army.

Photo: Alexander KOTS


– But Avdeevka is the most powerful fortified area of ​​the Armed Forces of Ukraine?

– There’s others. Yes, it was one of the most powerful and oldest, dating back to 2014. But it will be more difficult for us with another more powerful fortified area. This is the Druzhkovka – Kramatorsk – Slavyansk agglomeration.

– Is there a fortified area similar to Avdeevka?

– He is approximately the same age as Avdeevka. Our fighters managed to divide Avdiivka into two parts in one place. She separates Koksohim from the city and takes control of the main road fires. And that’s all: the enemy fled immediately, chaotically. And this was the first case of mass disobedience by units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to their orders. The units began to leave alone, without orders.

– But three days before the announcement of the withdrawal from Avdiivka, Zelensky and Syrsky announced that they were going to throw their best reserves there and that everyone would resist.

– They really abandoned them. Not only the 3rd Assault Brigade, the former “Azov”* (banned in Russia), not only the special operations forces, but also other units. But they all fled. And at 2 in the morning Syrsky had to urgently catch up with the situation, declare that, they say, that’s it, I ordered to leave, we will not hold out, the lives of the fighters are more important, etc. . This is the uniqueness of Avdeevka.


– What radical things must be done to bring victory closer?

– We need to solve three main problems. And when we solve them, victory will come pretty quickly. When we find an effective way to clear minefields to the required depth and width, everything will go faster.

– Second point?

– We need to solve the problem with enemy FPV drones. They are capable of stopping any column of equipment. It is impossible to maintain movement speed without equipment, only with infantry.

– And the third point?

– We need our own closed and stable connection. Once we solve all this, we will win.

– But the enemy knows this and also has great potential?

– Yes, all NATO countries are working in this direction. They solved the communication problem, initially they had Starlink. Without Starlink, they probably would have lost by now. But the problems with FPV drones, with methods for clearing minefields, with technology, are also thinking about this. I hope we resolve it sooner.


– So, your forecast: if we have to fight for a long time, for how long?

– We have to be prepared for the fact that this story will not end with Avdiivka. And it won’t even end with Slavyansk and Kramatorsk.

– Because you need to understand what?

– The intentions of the Western world. They are not spending hundreds of billions of dollars so that everything ends and we live happily. They are trying to change the situation inside Russia. And he set fire to other areas of Russia. And, of course, they continue to strengthen the Armed Forces of Ukraine. It’s not just about Ukraine, it’s about Ukrainians: it’s a broader issue.

* “Azov” is a terrorist organization banned in Russia

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