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Thursday, June 20, 2024
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What the digital ruble looks like: the logo of the new Russian currency, photo, image

Date: June 20, 2024 Time: 11:58:07

“How similar to our bitcoin!” – (probably) crying cryptocurrency at the sight of the new logo of the digital ruble. The symbol of the “new form of the Russian currency” was presented by the Central Bank on August 3. The circled crossed out letter “P” really resembles the logo of the first cryptocurrency. And at the same time the good old 1 ruble coin.

Also yesterday, the Central Bank spoke about what the fees for using the digital ruble will be. Fees for payments from companies using digital rubles will be 0.3%. And this is very profitable: now sellers pay banks 2% of all non-cash payments. Commissions for payment of housing and communal services will amount to 0.2% (but not more than 10 rubles), and for transfers between legal entities – 15 rubles.

What the digital ruble looks like in Russia: the logo of the new Russian currency

Recall that the law on the digital ruble came into force on August 1. However, the digital ruble itself will not enter circulation until 2025. And our currency will have three “added states”:

– Cash (bills and coins)

– Bank transfer (in bank accounts)

– Digital Ruble (in the form of program code)

A digital ruble will be equal to cash and non-cash ruble. The “new form of currency” will be stored in a digital wallet. It will be possible to enter it through the application of any Russian bank. It will also be possible to transfer rubles from a bank account to a digital form and vice versa, and without commission. About how now we “convert” rubles from our accounts into cash when withdrawing money from an ATM. By the way, transfers in digital rubles will not be subject to commissions.

At the same time, there will be no coercion, at least, this is what the Central Bank now assures. Each of us will be able to keep money in any form, even in digital rubles, even in a bank account, even under a pillow. At the same time, neither repayments nor interest will accrue on the digital ruble, so in this regard, bank accounts are even more profitable. However, for transfers, especially when it comes to large amounts, digital rubles are still preferable. In addition, the digital ruble (according to the Central Bank) will be maximally protected from scammers.

In general, the contours of a new currency are gradually emerging. And now we even know what it will look like.


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