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Friday, June 14, 2024
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What to buy in the summer sales? The choice of administrators of telegram channels.

Date: June 14, 2024 Time: 17:20:09

Summer progresses slowly but surely towards the end, and with it the seasonal sales that have reached their climax: August is the time to take advantage of the best discounts. In order not to fall into a shopping coma, we recommend that you approach the process as smartly as possible. To help you on behalf of the BURO editors. — life hacks and a direct guide to action for administrators of trendy Telegram channels.

Telegram channel “No filters”


By the age of 30, he had developed an unshakable principle for sales: if the benefit and, in general, the reduced price is the main argument in favor of the purchase, pass it by. As a result, everything that I buy on sale is divided into two conditional categories. The first is the iconic and bright items from the seasonal collections, which in the end did not stop liking me and sank into my soul so much that they will remain in my favorites even when the trend subsides. The second is a high-quality cool foundation, which is really more profitable to buy on sales.

After the second episode of the first season of And Just Like That…, I’m obsessed with finding the perfect black off-the-shoulder bodysuit with a pretty cleavage: despite the fair criticism of the series, Carrie Bradshaw’s costume work seems to me outstanding. , and in the farewell scene with Mr. Big, Sarah Jessica Parker looks flawless. The best dressy bodysuits are traditionally those of the New York brand Khaite, and they are also traditionally exorbitantly priced. So buying a Rafael bodysuit at a discount will be a great success and an acquisition to go down in history.

I’m a Loewe collector and I’ve been on the hunt for this sleeveless dress with giant anthuriums since the start of spring-summer 2023. Just the case when I don’t give a damn how tired editors and bloggers are of anthuriums. in general and of this Loewe collection in particular. I am sure that I will be happy to wear this dress for many more years. I already have a top from the same collection, I also plan to wear it until I rot. I saw this dress at Jenny Walton a few months ago and was blown away. Since then, by the way, it has been in constant soldout, so I hope to have luck at least in the sale.

Ever since the party photos of Edgardo Osorio and Ricardo D’Almeida Figueiredo, co-founders of Aquazzura, have circulated all over the banned social network, I’ve taken a new look at this brand’s shoes, an impeccable cocktail bar classic (and with a very comfortable last). Sandals with rhinestones and gold look indecently elegant, but in fact they are “under everything”: gold on tanned skin harmoniously complements any summer “top”, and transparent straps visually lengthen the legs.

Telegram channel “Marzhela and holothurias”


If I had to choose just one pair of shoes for the rest of my life, it would be the classic martins. An absolutely universal couple for a party, and for the world, and for a trip to the Far East, and for the opening of an exhibition. However, the price they are now in Russia is sad, so it is more pleasant to see it at a discount.

Prepare a sled in the summer – wisdom that is quite suitable for the climate of the middle lane, especially in relation to clothing. A warm and light quilted vest in the laconic design of the Shu brand from St. Petersburg (a worthy replacement for Arket and Uniqlo) is something that will be appreciated more than once in a couple of months.

Maison Margiela things in Moscow stores, in principle, are rare, and there are not many of them. And this blue shirt claims to be perfect: soft cotton, balanced office blue tint, right oversized fit. This will not go out of style and will serve faithfully for more than one season.

Telegram channel “Cream”


Jacquemus is the most summery brand! If his wardrobe has passed the cult Le Chiquito, then let him at least on a bracelet.

A necessary thing at home, but in our lane, slippers with fur can come in handy in the summer.

A wicker basket made of leather is not only fun for you in the summer, but also a bag until the off-season. It is necessary to have time to catch a beautiful lavender color at the sale.

Telegram channel “Make your style”


Many brands have already started sales, and discounts are also applied to the summer collection. In such a situation, I usually don’t expect huge discounts and buy what I plan to use right now.

At some point, flip flops turned from beach slippers into fashion shoes; this summer, linen sundresses and business suits are combined with them. I would definitely add some LIMÉ flip flops to my wardrobe: they are made of genuine leather and, in general, the brand’s shoes are very comfortable.

Dropped waists and voluminous midi skirts are back—both trends come together in a couture sundress from 12storeez, and the discount is pretty sweet.

Summer is the season for weddings and parties, which means that a beautiful cocktail dress will definitely come in handy. I chose the 1811 asymmetric slip dress – this model fits well, and thanks to the unpopular blue color, you will be able to wear the dress not only this summer, but also in the coming seasons.

Telegram channel “That’s Haute”


I used to view seasonal sales as an opportunity to profitably buy what is commonly called the foundation. There are never too many good white shirts, especially at a good discount. And this Maison Margiela can also be worn as a dress, since the length allows it.

From the same category – Ekonika Ballerinas. The Mary Jane silhouette with a touch strap on the vamp is in no rush to go out of style, which is why this purchase will delight fall.

But not a single base. A Jil Sander drawstring bag made with plastic links will add a bit of irony to your wardrobe. Many things will not fit in such an accessory (except for a phone, keys and a credit card), but the wow effect is guaranteed.

Telegram channel “Budni Galliano”


I am very selective when it comes to buying and updating my wardrobe, so even during the sales season I don’t throw everything in the basket. And yet, the sales are a great reason to buy what you really need and it will last you more than one season, saving you more.

Shoes are exactly what you should pay attention to in the first place in sales, since this is a significant item of expense. Trends come and go, but sandals stay. Therefore, feel free to wear open-toed shoes with a flat sole, for example, like these Ekonika sandals: they look classic and will last you more than one season.

Something you will definitely get every season, even if you don’t go to the sea. Dachas, country hotels and balconies have not been canceled.

Linen is one of the eco-friendly materials. It is durable, hypoallergenic and unique in that it has thermoregulatory properties. I also love linen because it goes well with other textures, like knitwear and denim.

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