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Friday, April 19, 2024
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What’s wrong with Zelensky’s speech at the NATO summit: Resigned to the fate of Ukraine and “excused” for the tantrums

Date: April 19, 2024 Time: 01:30:19

Volodymyr Zelensky at the NATO summit table in Vilnius.


What was left for Zelensky to do after being dragged face-first across the dirty floor like a doormat on the first day of the NATO summit in Vilnius? That’s right, just report the next day on the endless string of successes and victories that he allegedly won at the top. This is what he did.


In the morning, Zelensky met Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albenizi, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte and British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

– Meeting with Rishi Sunak. The third meeting and Ukraine’s third success at today’s summit, Zelensky happily reported tearfully on his social media account. Well, such successes, who would have thought: Canberra promised Kiev to send up to 30 Bushmaster armored personnel carriers, talked with London on all issues, on “defense, politics, general security”, and agreed with Amsterdam to train Ukrainian pilots in the F-16 in August. And about some air defense systems.

Too small? Aqueous? Well, another “gingerbread” has to be earned. For example, “stand on a stool, read a poem to grandfather.” Which? Yes, at least for Grandpa Joseph Biden, who flew in from abroad to hear the rhyme.

Such a “stool” for Zelensky was a joint press conference with NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg. The NATO Secretary General spoke in the spirit that Ukraine and NATO are like twins and brothers of Indian cinema, who were separated in their milky childhood, but will definitely reunite. After all the required “democratic and security reforms” are carried out. And, of course, they will fulfill the main main condition – to win a final victory over Russia. In other words, the poor brothers in this story will never meet, unlike in Indian cinema.

On the first day of the summit, the Ukrainian president seemed at a loss.


And then it was the turn of the “rhyme” of the President of Ukraine. And he did the best he could, he recited clearly and with expression, he recited a memorized lesson. First of all, he thanked Stoltenberg and the summit participants for canceling the MAP (NATO Membership Action Plan). It is true that the MAP was replaced by the GDP (the annual national program to fulfill the necessary conditions for an invitation to NATO, which will be updated annually), so that one abbreviation was replaced by another, and there was even more formalism and bureaucracy. than before. But if you don’t talk about it, then as if there was nothing like that.

Zelensky got a little bolder and announced that security guarantees should not replace Ukraine as a NATO member, but he immediately backtracked and wanted all G7 countries to confirm Ukraine’s security guarantees.

“I think that if this happens, we will work on it, it will be an important concrete success,” wished the president of Ukraine. Now only four G7 countries are ready to give Ukraine guarantees: the United States, Great Britain, France and Germany. What kind of security guarantees, except for the supply of weapons, no one has said, neither in NATO nor in kyiv. And all the parties here avoid any detail.

– In all my meetings I sounded confident that we will become members of NATO when the appropriate conditions exist. By this I understand that when it is safe on our land,” Zelensky realized. – If today the G7 agrees to the first major declaration on security guarantees, then it will be a concrete fact, because it is written in them that they are acting towards NATO. This will be a very specific signal.

– We understand all the fears of the allies, including the threat of a world war, this is understandable and logical. We are proper people, ”Zelensky declared from the podium, and fitness became a real fashion in his speech.

– It doesn’t matter how I feel about the results of the summit. We are proper people,” she repeated again when asked how she felt about the outcome of the summit. – We can affirm that the results of the summit are good, but if there were an invitation, they would be ideal.


Well, it just perfectly fit the “baby on a stool” image. Stoltenberg at that moment was probably even ready to kiss Zelensky on his unshaven cheek. But he did not give up.

– I want to thank Lithuania once again not only for this summit, but also for the energy that this summit is filled with. This is exactly what we see on the streets. All these flags, human relations. I want to thank you all for this. This is a great support for us, a lot of energy,” Zelensky said at the end of his press conference. – I am very grateful to you for this. This, it seems to me, is the most important thing.

Zelenskiy will leave Vilnius without achieving his most desired goal: a clear date for Ukraine’s entry into NATO.


Of course, energy is the most important thing. And another 33 thousand flags of Ukraine, which Lithuania promised to hang around Vilnius and the country in honor of the fact that Ukraine would become the 33rd member of the North Atlantic Alliance. And now it would be nice if Zelensky took all 33,000 of these flags with him to Ukraine. they will be very useful there and will save the state budget for the funeral of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

But the unshaven boy is still a good fellow, he hasn’t quite deteriorated, although the day before he was capricious, as if not himself. I read the poem, they gave me the sweets. And he did not make a scandal. Let’s see if there’s anything else. On credit.


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