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Saturday, February 24, 2024
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When can you meet your soulmate in 2024? Astrological forecast of love from Vasilisa Volodina

Date: February 24, 2024 Time: 04:19:40

Frame from the program “Daring Cuisine”

Vasilisa Volodina attended the program “Daring Cooking” with Laysan Utyasheva, where she not only prepared a delicious meat pie and talked about herself, but also shared her loving astrological forecast for 2024. Vasilisa did not name specific dates, but she named the months in where there is a great possibility of meeting your love.

Three months a year in which you will be lucky in love

March, May and September. March is about tender love, about when relationships can become more romantic and closer spiritually. May is a very warm month, of physical approach. Eat delicious food together, relax, generally get physically closer in every sense of the word, and develop some of your own personal rituals. And in September (in the first semester) you can go to the registry office.

Those who have already arrived at the registry office, or are already in a relationship, but are not yet planning to get married, should remember that September is about beauty in relationships. If you are married, you should remember that hairpins and eyelashes are important, or finally go to the theater if you haven’t been in a hundred years. Remember that you are a boy and a girl, put candles on the table at the right time and send the children to grandmother. This month is about establishing the external aesthetics of relationships.

Three “worrying” months for relationships

April, August and October. In April, feelings shine and boil. Women want to impress, to be brilliant. And the main thing is not to overdo it. Don’t shout too loudly about yourself. A short skirt is not appropriate if you are not going to a date, but to your boss’s office.

Frame from the program “Daring Cuisine”

August is a time when it is very important to avoid pragmatism in relationships. Down with money issues, discussions about who in a couple earns more, who owes whom how much, etc. This is the time when money can overshadow real feelings. When we start demanding real things from our partners, in general, this is correct, but not in August. And in October, Venus will “move” through Scorpio, a time of passions, but internal, when you really want to control your partner, who is in charge here, are you mine or not. During this period, jealousy often takes over. But Venus “Scorpio” has one big advantage: this is a time of increased sexuality, when some problems and disputes can be resolved through bed.

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