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Monday, May 20, 2024
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Where can you put unnecessary books, vases and figurines? – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Date: May 20, 2024 Time: 10:10:09

At first glance, the appearance of all this wealth was most suitable for a pile of garbage. However, remembering responsible consumption now in fashion, the girl decided to postpone the call for a team of janitors. And for good reason. I will tell you how “waste paper” and “dust collectors” provided him additional income.

Who did you get it from?

Before thinking about where to put old things, it is necessary to understand whether the former owner had the opportunity to purchase or become the owner of rare things and what their condition is. “If this is a person who, as a schoolboy, bought stamps for one ruble and, as a student, spent 5 rubles, and then 15 rubles from his salary, it is unlikely that he would have accumulated a good collection even in 70 years,” he claimed. Yuri Minsky, owner of a philatelic shop at the Moscow Fair, told RG Hobby – Philatelists love to tell stories about how one day an old woman came to them with a simple book in which, in addition to stamps with butterflies and dogs , there were the most expensive articles of the USSR, for example, “Save the Chelyuskinites”! This doesn’t happen. Second moment – the demand. The same stamp “Flight from Moscow to San Francisco”, an analogue of the one Stalin gave to Roosevelt and which, according to the Solovyov or Zagorsky catalogues, costs 100,000 rubles, was recently sold with difficulty for 50,000 rubles.”

Fashion theme

According to Minsky, it is necessary to pay attention to the appearance of the products. Porcelain glued with BF glue will cost several times less than a counterpart in good condition. Restoration may cost more than the buyer’s final price. And fashion always plays a role. The “Bukvari” fashion until 1948 is preserved in perfect condition. Before 1950, Christmas tree decorations, metal children’s toy trucks made in the USSR, railways, etc. were in fashion.

internet to help

Through the Internet I discovered what kind of marks there are on porcelain. On average, the price of a sculpture ready to be sold at a flea market or in an antique store for 4-5 thousand rubles costs half as much when purchased.

With books it turned out to be more difficult: there were about two thousand of them. Among the beautiful spines were signed editions of the historian Solovyov, complete works of Tolstoy and Balzac. In order not to search for the price of each book, a friend decided to invite a buyer. After dialing the first number I found in an ad in the newspaper, I discovered that they were buying books by subject. “What year are the books from, 1970-1990? No, I’m not interested in that period,” they said on the other end of the line and advised me to hand over everything to waste paper for 7-10 rubles per kilogram. In another office they asked if there were pre-revolutionary books. But the expert did not look at the shelves, but at the view from the windows, and at the end of the visit he asked about the price of the apartment. The use of second-hand booksellers was more successful. In one of the stores, located at 20 Arbat Street, they reported that they were buying books starting at 500 units. Price from 10 rubles per volume depending on name and condition. And after speaking, the store representative said that the main purpose of the purchase is to look for oddities that the owner is unaware of.

Cost effective disassembly

Determined to take advantage of her luck, my friend looked through books for about a month looking for those that would sell and make a profit. Checking sales data and studying various antique websites, she found on her shelves a dozen books, the price of which started at 5 thousand rubles. Then I registered on the popular website meshok.net and posted several posts. Buyers of used books acquired simpler books, but the price was low – five thousand rubles for everything. But the objective was achieved. No damage was caused to nature and even income was received – 50 thousand rubles. Furthermore, the girl was so fascinated by the search for a possible purchase of rare books for almost nothing that, getting rid of some dusty volumes, she began to buy others for her own collection.

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