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Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Where do feet grow from: how to choose shoes and care for them in the summer season?

Date: June 22, 2024 Time: 09:34:42

Long walks around the city, work meetings, parties and much more to do during the summer. Agree: in this matter, a competent choice of footwear is not only a good investment, but also a strategic move. We learned from the co-founder of the Razumno brand, Alena Lozovskaya, how to choose, wear and love shoes during the hot season.

co-founder of the Razumno brand

Start your search for the perfect pair of shoes by making plans for summer (by the way, you can see them in the special Summer moodboard project). If you spend the hot season in the city and go to work, it is advisable to choose shoes with a closed toe and heel. For evening and weekend walks, choose sandals or sandals. The main thing is that they fit well on the foot and do not rub. But it is better to leave flip-flops and flip-flops for the sea, especially since these shoes are dangerous for long distances.

Life hack: it is better to choose shoes made of genuine leather, without a finishing layer and without fillers of chemical compounds. So that the pores are open, and the shoes absorb the moisture from your feet and also release it easily. This is especially true of leather for shoe linings.

By the way, I only wear sneakers (for years the same model, proven and comfortable for me: Korbut in contrasting or completely black variants) and, of course, I always try on Razumno shoes. Therefore, all pairs in the brand’s line meet current climatic conditions. To keep you warm in winter, the soles will not slip or crack, and in summer you will not rub your feet while walking dozens of kilometers and at the same time look feminine and beautiful.

I always say that shoe care is similar to facial skin care and should include gentle cleansing and moisturizing. For example, at Razumno we use leather without polymer coatings: its pores are open, allowing the feet to “breathe”. Try to protect products from excessive wear, humidity and high temperatures, and also avoid contact of products with chemicals. The latter is especially relevant for our winter season.

Life Hack: To keep your shoes in excellent condition, you should do the following regularly:

1. Clean it from dirt and dust with a brush or soft cloth;

2. moisturize the skin surface. Saphir’s Creme Universelle is our favorite and does the job perfectly. Apply a thin layer and wait until completely absorbed;

3. Apply cream that matches your skin tone. Using a lint-free cloth, or even your fingers (the heat from your hands will gently melt the wax), carefully apply a thin layer of cream to the surface of the skin. After the cream is absorbed, polish the shoes with a soft brush;

4. use protection in the form of wax. A thin layer of wax will give your shoes water-repellent properties and shine.

When caring for shoes, avoid sponges and products containing silicone. I often see sponges of this type in gyms, gyms, cafes and many other places. Remember: this is not good for your shoes. Once you apply polymethylsiloxane (also known as polydimethylsiloxane, PMS, organosilicon liquid, silicone oil) to leather shoes, you will never take it off again. You should also not wash your shoes with a sponge or a generously damp cloth. The only thing worse than washing with running water. Try to keep leather shoes in contact with moisture as little as possible. Use a brush or soft flannel cloth to remove dust and dirt.

If you get caught in a summer downpour wearing leather shoes, there’s no need to put them on a hot radiator or dry them in any other unnatural way. The shoes should dry without any impact, this will be the most “ecological” way for them and thus they will last a long time.

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