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Sunday, June 16, 2024
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Why did Danya Milokhin fly to Russia? The fugitive blogger reduced her fees and her hopes of filming and other money-making jobs.

Date: June 16, 2024 Time: 02:11:14

A year ago, Milokhin suddenly got tired of skating in the popular TV show “Ice Age”, where he received good money. Photo: Alexander DEMENTIEV

Blogger and self-taught singer (and also actor) Danya Milokhin, 21, went abroad later than some of his colleagues. A year ago, Milokhin suddenly got tired of skating on the popular TV show “Ice Age”, where he received good money: he broke his contract and ran away to rest with his blogger friends in the United Arab Emirates. This was not the first blatant interruption of filming, violation of contract, etc. The star-struck young blogger quickly lost out on the money advertising contracts looming on the horizon, and generally all job offers. He promptly ate his savings and became dependent on the foreign agent Morgenstern*; She lived with him in Dubai so as not to spend money on rent. In early September, Danya Milokhin flew to Moscow and settled with friends during her stay in the capital. According to legend, he even won his friends a flight to Moscow. Although I was actually preparing for it.

The official version of Dani Milokhin for the curious, friends and all who are now writing to him: he came to visit his friends, they say that he missed him. The KP.RU website found out what the blogger Milokhin, who was once lucky to become a favorite of the public, is waiting for. The guy earned a lot of money, which, due to his own stupidity, he did not invest anywhere, but wasted on a beautiful life. Now Milokhin decided to check whether he could again earn money in his homeland. As we found out, in August one of Dani Milokhin’s representatives notified well-known producers on TV channels that the blogger would be in Moscow at the beginning of the filming season. Messages were also sent to directors of artists who carry out their projects online. So far, Milokhin is only planning a shoot for an online project. The TV people no longer need Danya. Information about Dani Milokhin’s fees from the event organizers has been updated: the fees have decreased from 1.5 to 1 million rubles. For those who don’t remember, Danya knows how to sing: for a million rubles she will sing, dance and take a photo with the guests at the party… Reservations for private pre-New Year and New Year events are already opening: Milokhin flew in to show that he is mobile and ready to work in Russia. According to industry representatives, he has nothing to count on: only individual private orders. In Dubai, where Danya Milokhin now resides, there is also no great demand for her performances: autumn parties in clubs and other closed events are held without her participation. In Dubai, Milokhin makes a living with casual income, whether at a club or a private event. The boy tried to convince the producers to invite him to the filming of the television show “Survive in Dubai”, but to no avail…

Milokhin flew to Moscow and during his stay in the capital he settled with friends. According to legend, he even won some friends a flight to Moscow.

Photo: social networks

Milokhin had a bad reputation. The situation worsened after Danya visited her blogger friends of hers in Los Angeles last winter and got into a bad situation. Then Milokhin, hoping to win a new audience, repeated the Ukrainian anthem, words in Ukrainian, after the pro-Ukrainian blogger Artur Babich (now lives and earns money in Moscow) lived on the social network. At first, Milokhin sang the Russian anthem, but he remembered that Babich was from Ukraine and sang with him. It is expected that after this the Russian public will call Danya Milokhin a traitor. She flew to live in Dubai, where she settled with the foreign agent Morgenstern*. Milokhin sold the car (the only investment) for 5 million rubles and “ate” that money. In addition, her friends gave her financial help. The blogger rarely gives concerts: in clubs in the United Arab Emirates or Kazakhstan. Milokhin travels and goes to restaurants, often at the expense of her wealthier colleagues. Recently, Danya himself made a “question and answer” on the Telegram channel: they say that they ask her when she will return to Moscow. He immediately replied: “It is not clear yet. I think it will be soon. I hope they don’t destroy me there…” It is obvious that no one is going to “destroy” Milokhin. He will simply be ignored by advertisers, TV people, event organizers, etc. Until the 21-year-old children’s blogger grows up and decides who he is and who he’s with. Otherwise, he will continue to live on handouts from foreign agents and “good friends.”

*The Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation included Morgenstern on the list of individual foreign agents.

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