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Friday, April 19, 2024
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Why hasn’t the Treasury paid me the money from the Income Statement?

Date: April 19, 2024 Time: 02:30:30

The period to present the 2022 Income Statement in Spain opened on April 11 and ended on June 30. Since then, there are many taxpayers who have fulfilled their annual obligation before the Tax Agency and have already received the corresponding refund in their bank account. However, it is possible that there are people who have been granted a refund of the Personal Income Tax declaration and have not yet received the income. In cases, it is likely that a problem has arisen.

Those people who received more than 22,000 euros from a single payer in 2022 or 14,000 euros from several payers were required to file the income statement this year. Depending on each case, it can result in a payment to the Treasury by the taxpayer or in a refund by the declaration.

In general, the declarations that contain data coincide with those registered by the Tax Agency and have not been modified, they are usually processed before more complex ones, such as those of the self-employed or those that involve capital gains from the sale of financial or real estate assets. .

It is understandable that several questions arise in the minds of taxpayers who find themselves in this situation. It is natural to wonder how long it takes the Treasury to make the income of the corresponding money, and if it is normal that it has not yet been fulfilled. The time to process the draft and the deadline to receive the refund may vary depending on several factors, such as the complexity of the return, the workload of the tax administration and possible additional verifications that need to be carried out. Therefore, there is no single answer for all these cases.

In general, it is expected that the Treasury will make the deposit within a reasonable period of time once the declaration has been correctly processed. However, in exceptional cases, there may be delays due to particular circumstances. The Treasury can make us wait until next Saturday, December 30.

What to do if the Treasury does not pay me the money from the income statement?

Taking this date into account, when it comes to the return of the corresponding money by the Treasury, it is important to take into account that the Tax Agency has established deadlines for this process during the Income campaign. These deadlines begin just after the end of the return filing period, starting June 30, regardless of the means or format used to file the return.

It is important to be patient, because although in many cases taxpayers receive the refund shortly after submitting their Income Tax return, the Treasury has a period of six months to carry out this process, until Saturday December 30, to make the corresponding deposit. ente

In the event that this period expires and the taxpayers have not yet received the money that corresponds to them, there is the possibility that late-payment interest will be added when importing to be returned when the Tax Agency makes the payment later. It is not necessary for those affected to request the additional payment due to the delay, since the Tax Agency will be in charge of including it in the amount when making the deposit in the bank.

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