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Thursday, May 23, 2024
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Why Putin refused to storm kyiv and what awaits Zelensky: Frank’s interview with Alexander Lukashenko

Date: May 23, 2024 Time: 09:06:13

Alexander Lukashenko.


Russia will crush you. Live force and technology. There are no such motivated and ideologically inclined Natsiks. They all died. Who fights here? The ones you catch on the street. They are not ready. They can’t with this car. Russia has changed.

Russia today has the latest weapons, enough drones, a completely different army. They have 250,000 volunteer corps, who are now trained and in reserve. Now there are fewer Russians at the front.


You have 45,000 people killed during the counteroffensive and left there crippled. Your losses at the front are one in eight. They will crush you here, and then they will do what you are most afraid of – they will cut off (Odessa and Nikolaev, – ed.) Moldova, Transnistria.

If you don’t stop now, it will. If you don’t sit at the negotiating table. Russia offers it. You do not want. I don’t want – don’t do it. The power of Russia is enough. And no West will help you in this regard. We must take our heads in our hands and act on the basis of reality.


We talked with him for a long time. I was dusting, I was dusting … I say: “You know, Volodya, we will not argue on the phone. But remember: there is a war in your state, not today or tomorrow they will ask you why there is a war in your land, for that you did not prevent this war, no matter how difficult it is.

But the war could have been avoided. Can. Because I was between you and Russia the whole time and I saw this opportunity.

The President of Belarus gave a long interview to the Ukrainian journalist Diana Panchenko.


A lot of people are starting to really evaluate Zelensky. That’s why it twists. Call elections or, taking advantage of martial law, postpone them. If elections are held soon, one of the military will win. But not Zelensky.


The war must end. The Europeans are absolutely hell-bent on this, but so far they are following orders. They take these signals to their president, Zelensky. Zelensky rested. Because behind the main cartridge is USA.

Europe is starting to drift slowly. Public opinion is very bad with this war. More and more people are speaking out against it. Americans don’t do it, they benefit from it.

Zelensky was sitting in the basement

If the Russians occupied kyiv, can you imagine what kind of war it would be? It would be over by now. I found myself between Putin and some forces in kyiv, who have already agreed, as the Germans say, “Hyundai Hoch.” To survive. And I had a conversation with Putin. And Putin tells me: “You know, you can immediately take kyiv, but a huge number of people will die.” He says: “Well, how are you going to hit them in kyiv if they are hiding behind schools and kindergartens?”

I will not talk about the reasons, the Russian troops, who were on the outskirts of kyiv, left from there. And no Zelensky reflected anything there. In vain he attributes this feat to himself, that he was not there. Your Zelensky was sitting in the basement at that time.


It seems to us that the position of the Ukrainians and the Russians is irreconcilable.

The Soviet Union had good relations with Germany. Both Ukraine and Belarus, which was practically wiped off the face of the earth, built relations with Germany. Why don’t we build (relations with Ukraine after the end of the military confrontation – ed.)? U.S. build. But we must go to this.

You have to go to this. And the first step is to sit down at the negotiating table. The first day we will look at each other like animals. And then we’ll start talking.

It was the same in Gomel, in Belovezhskaya Pushcha, in Istanbul. She started as a spark! The fire was burning! And then they began to discuss specific topics. But the Americans told Volodya Zelensky: “Stop, we are fighting!”

Alexander Lukashenko to Ukraine: “We must take our heads in our hands and act on the basis of realities.”


Negotiations must begin without preconditions. This is a classic of any diplomacy. It is necessary to sit down at the table and discuss everything: Crimea, Kherson, Zaporozhye, Donetsk and Lugansk. We sit down and make an agenda. As usual it happens.

You can return to the questions that were resolved then (during the talks in Istanbul in the spring – ed.). Moreover, Russia was ready to discuss all issues.

Of course, Russia will never get to the point of returning Crimea. That will not happen. I still doubt that in the East it is possible to agree on something. But Russia is ready to talk on any topic. I tell you for sure. But you, pushed by the Americans, don’t want this yet. You don’t understand that there is nothing more valuable than human life. And you have a day and a half thousand people die during active hostilities.


He is a hero”. He travels the world in a T-shirt with a trident and demonstrates his heroism. Remember how Gorbachev: “Gorby, Gorby, Gorby!” And the Soviet Union collapsed. This is exactly what happens to him: “Ah , Zelensky! Alas, hero!

I observe public opinion in Ukraine. More and more they understand that Zelensky must find a way out so that the guys do not die. Mothers don’t care what it will be like to save their child’s life. Therefore, people begin to sober up. Your oligarchs want to save billions and make money here. But not the war.

The Slavic peoples fight among themselves, well, let them kill each other. They (USA – ed.) benefit from it. “After we have weakened Russia, we will approach China from this side.” Zelensky is playing this game. But this will end with the fact that the state of Ukraine, flourishing, beautiful, the richest in terms of its natural resources, will cease to exist.


I dare to express my position: the goals of the NMD have already been achieved to date, Ukraine will never behave so aggressively towards Russia after the end of this war. Ukraine will be different.

I’m sure that. And the future Ukraine will not dance to the tune of the Americans. I understand so. I am absolutely convinced that Putin also thinks the same. This is a great lesson not only for Ukraine, but also for Russia. And for us, for the whole world.


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