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Thursday, May 23, 2024
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Why who wants to be a millionaire has become almost impossible to observe

Date: May 23, 2024 Time: 08:53:24

Now ordinary people take part in the program, to whom the new presenter Yulianna Karaulova does not make concessions.

Let’s be honest: when the stars took part in “Millionaire”, Dmitry Dibrov told them. Very carefully, very delicately, with unexpected intonations and questions, he pushed me towards the correct answer. And it is clear why: it is stupid to lose a star on the fifth question, it must be dragged by any means at least to the ninth or tenth.

Now ordinary people take part in the program, to whom the new presenter Yulianna Karaulova does not make any concessions (but why?). With rare exceptions, it’s impossible to imagine that this standard of correctness would seriously help anyone; at most, just a little. And the game has changed.

It is probably true that the participants are now ordinary people. This is how it is all over the world, so that each spectator has the illusion of being able to participate in the game and win, like that millionaire from the slums. But as of now, reaching 25 thousand players is already a great achievement, and Karaulova pays a separate praise to those who have reached it.

Here the player introduces himself: “My acquaintances know me as a very erudite and resourceful person.” They ask her: “Who is the author of the book that Lyudmila read in the subway in the film “Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears?”

A. Ernest Hemingway

B. Erich Maria Observation

C. Georges Simenon

Mr. Boris Pasternak

Let’s face it, this is not an easy question. I remember this scene, but in the movie it’s more of a walkthrough. The player calls her mother and she answers “Pasternak”. The player catches the clue “50/50”, Remarque and Pasternak stay. He stubbornly says: “Pasternak.” He does not remember that the action takes place at the end of the 50s and that at that time Pasternak was being persecuted. Forgivable. In the end, perhaps you think that Irina Muravyova held in her hands a book of poems published in the 1920s. The answer is accepted. And then Yulianna Karaulova says:

– Lyudmila is reading a book in the subway called “Three Comrades”. Do you know who wrote it?

– Probably Pasternak?

Karaulova is calm, as if she had eaten fenibut.

– No, this is Erich Maria Remarque.

And it’s still nonsense. Another player, who is called a joker, is asked: “What was measured in parrots in the Soviet cartoon?”

a shine



D. Number of pigs slaughtered

The player hesitates. “I have a complete lack of watching Soviet cartoons. Somehow it didn’t work.” Answer with the help of the public (luckily 90% know what the correct option is).

Then they ask him, “What is the cereal that appears in the title of Jerome David Salinger’s novel?”

A. wheat

B. Oats

C. Corn


The player takes 50/50. They laugh in the hallway.

– Do you know such a novel?

– True, damn it, usually I … And where are these? [вопросы], after which they laugh? “How does a dog bark”, is that it? The questions should be smart, but also fun! We are all different! I got it all out of my head! Everything in general!

Karaulova looks at him carefully.

– The physics teacher looked at me the same way!

Two options remain, “corn” and “rye”.

Do you remember any novel that has corn in the title?

– No.

– And the rye?

– No.

Pointing his finger at the sky, he guesses “The catcher in the rye.” How lucky she didn’t know anything about Stephen King’s “Children of the Corn” story either.

But Salinger’s parrots are far from the limit. Another participant is asked which celestial body is closest to Earth.

A sun


C. Mercury


– Oh, I have something with astronomy… (Pause). I don’t know!

Yulianna Karaulova assumes that the participant is stupefied with emotion, and yet decides to help. In the voice of a child psychiatrist she says:

– Well, let’s use the elimination method. What objects are exactly far from Earth?

– Planets!

– And who are our planets here?

– Mercury and Venus!

– Well, we exclude them, there are two options left. So which is further from Earth, the Sun or the Moon?

– Let’s go 50/50. I mean the sun. But they somehow landed on the Moon… Although they couldn’t land on the Sun, it’s hot there…

Karaulova looks at the woman with light, calm admiration:

– Yes, if they landed on the Sun, it would be strange. Although interesting. So maybe we can answer something?

– Moon. There are points…

– There are also spots on the Sun – whispers Karaulova.

– Well, I’m generally closer to the Sun … Everything, let’s go 50/50 …

I can imagine how Alexander Gordon would comment on all this if he became the host of the show after Dibrov. But Karaulova is calm and caring. A typical phrase from a player in the new version of “Millionaire”:

– Gauguin? I think I saw it in the Tretyakov Gallery. Now I will know that his name is Paul.

– No, you know, in the Tretyakov Gallery there are paintings by Russian artists.

Not a hint of venom in his voice. She is still Madame Phenibut.

Not long ago, a picture of the Polish version of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” was circulating on the Internet. Three screenshots, one after another. They ask the first participant a question (in Polish, but everything is clear): “The lion that Ramon Mercader killed is…”

A Simba

B. Trotsky

C. Tolstoy


In the second screenshot (50/50), there are two options left: Simba and Trotsky. In the third, he chooses Simba and looks to the side with a sad smile.

Not long ago, an image of the Polish version of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” was circulating on the Internet.

The stars are basically the same. And yet, thanks to Dibrov, who carefully pricked celebrities, it seemed that this could not be with us. Of course he can. Now in Russia. It only remained to replace the presenter and the players.

PS There’s a reason I didn’t have the right to write this note: I recently lost with a catastrophic score in a TV contest dedicated to Soviet cinema. It wasn’t so much knowledge as the speed at which buttons were pushed. But still I managed to stupidly answer the question about a very famous movie. I probably paid in advance for this arrogant text. And the program with my participation has not yet been broadcast; I really hope that before September the Earth will fly towards the celestial axis and never come out.

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