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“With several women at the same time”: Katya Lel revealed the details of her husband’s infidelity

Date: April 20, 2024 Time: 07:55:04

Katia Lel.

Photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

At the end of last year it became known that the singer Katya Lel divorced her husband Igor Kuznetsov, father of her 13-year-old daughter Emilia. There were rumors that the reason for the separation was Igor’s betrayal. In the new episode of Boris Korchevnikov’s show “The Fate of a Man”, Katya confirmed that this was the case and told the details of her divorce.

According to the 49-year-old star, she and her husband divorced six months ago, but this became known only recently.

“Apparently someone sold information from court records that Katya Lel filed for divorce and the marriage broke up after 15 years of marriage,” he said.

According to the singer, her husband’s excessive alcohol addiction put an end to their relationship. Katya admitted that Igor crossed all the boundaries when he was drunk and that she really didn’t like it.

“I made the conscious decision to break up. I can’t stand it when a person consumes too much. You can drink, but then tell yourself “stop”! When there is no “stop”, everything can end tragically for the people who are nearby. A person loses himself, loses consciousness and does not understand what he does,” says the artist.

Katya clarified that there was no domestic violence in their marriage: “Igor did not raise his hand against me. If he had done this, he would naturally have disappeared from my life a long time ago.”

But there were betrayals, and this event, like Igor’s drunkenness, put an end to their marriage. Katya admitted that her husband could flirt with several women at the same time.

“The day comes when you understand: why all this? This is a game: when a person drinks more than necessary, he can call and play with several women at the same time, forgetting that he has a wife and child. There were no longer borders. Why should I live in fear? So that? That’s why I let him go,” says Katya.

Interestingly, Igor’s mother supported his decision. The mother-in-law sided with her daughter-in-law.

“His mother said: ”Katenka, you need to erect a monument. I always knew my son was happy when you were around, but now my son will disappear completely,'” Lel recalls.

Katya Lel divorced her husband Igor Kuznetsov, father of her 13-year-old daughter Emilia. Photo: social networks.

The artist says that after her husband left, she felt even better. The fears and negativity that constantly weighed on her disappeared.

“It’s very easy and good for me. The unnecessary toxicity, the low vibrational frequencies of a person, which were knocked down, are gone. Today I am ready to give all my love to someone who is conscious, kind and fulfilled,” Katya admitted.

Before Kuznetsov, the singer had a long-term relationship with her producer Alexander Volkov.

“We met on New Year’s,” he previously told Boris Korchevnikov. – There was a concert. After the performance, Sasha entered the dressing room. She immediately fell in love with me. She started taking care of me. Flowers sent. She is 24 years older. And he is also married. It was Sasha who organized tours for our famous artists. She was very intelligent. Goal-oriented person. He said he did not live with his wife. At the same time he cheated on me.

According to Katya, when her career took off, their relationship began to deteriorate.

– He saw my popularity. Sasha realized that she could lose me. I saw that there are many young people who can conquer me. “Sasha knew that my most cherished dream was to have a child in a legal marriage,” Lel recalled.

However, Volkov did not propose to his beloved and Katya left him. In response, her ex-lover began to take revenge on her.

– I left Sasha with nothing. She cut off my oxygen on stage. “Everyone turned their back on me, except Nikolai Baskov and Lev Leshchenko,” Katya said.

The new chosen one of the star is former hockey player Igor Kuznetsov. Their relationship developed very quickly. Literally a couple of weeks after meeting, Igor proposed to the singer. But Katya was in no hurry to answer. Only three years later she received a positive response from her beloved. They married in October 2008.

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