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Sunday, May 28, 2023
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You live curly: how Nagiyev, Bondarchuk and Rosenbaum will look with hair

Date: May 28, 2023 Time: 23:22:28

Fyodor Bondarchuk.

Photo: Alena MARTYNOVA

Their glowing skulls have long been a hallmark of show business, hair to hair. And they themselves are sure that a bald head is not a handicap, but a kissing platform: they say that women are attracted to polished heads, as if magnetized. But what if you take the famous koloboks and return the hair? Is it possible that all the charisma evaporates in an instant? Or, on the contrary, will it shine with new colors?

As part of yet another photography experiment, KP.RU has armed itself with artificial intelligence to do the hair of usually smooth celebrities. Furthermore, the mischievous neural network has accumulated vegetation not only on the top, but also on the cheeks of our stars. Whether the charisma survived is up to you, ladies and gentlemen. Although only the ladies will suffice.

Dmitry Nagiev

Dmitry Nagiev.

Photo: Alena MARTYNOVA

The bald head of the TV presenter is so popular that you can even find an interview with her (?!) On the Web. Meanwhile, this is not the natural state of the showman at all: Nagiyev assures that he has a lot of hair, and every morning he is forced to shave “his head.” So, if he takes sharp objects from Dmitry, he will surely sting.


Gosha Kutsenko.

Photo: Alena MARTYNOVA

“Antikiller” likes to repeat that he lost his hair because of his ex-wife Maria Poroshina. There were no assaults, just in another fight, Gosha got scared and tossed his braids over his shoulders (yes, Kutsenko was romantically hairy), and after that he left him, they were more willing to call the cinema for the role of bandits. . Agree, the villain of Gosha’s furry and complete calmness would prove useless…


The last time the director sported his hair was in his youth, without fail cutting off the recognizable “boyish” bangs. And we offered Fedor Sergeevich a much more radical option, in which he suddenly became the double of Antonio Banderas or Keanu Reeves. Ah, Sharman, well, heartbreaker!


Alexander Rosenbaum.

Photo: Alena MARTYNOVA

The bard’s hairstyle, or rather, its complete absence has not changed since the age of 25: it was at this age that Rosenbaum, according to his own words, lost all his hair. Why this happened and why the baldness did not affect the mustache in any way is an open question. But a hedgehog with a beard radically changes things and camouflages wrinkles, thanks to which 71-year-old Alexander Yakovlevich lost a couple of decades.


Jose Prigogine.

Photo: Alena MARTYNOVA

With such a curly lock of hair, Valeria herself would not have recognized the producer, and it would never have occurred to gossips to call Prigogine Shrek. Although Joseph himself is proud of his bald head: they say, but you don’t have to timidly dye your gray hair, like other artists. And on top of the former vegetation in the form of a cap of black hair (this is exactly what Prigogine looked like in her youth), only bushy eyebrows remind her.


Egor Druzhinin.

Photo: Alena MARTYNOVA

Urgently in the hall – the famous choreographer turned out to be the older brother of Mikhail Galustyan! That’s what life-giving hair does to people … But seriously, there is no chance of a “family” reunion: they say that Yegor Druzhinin once lost his hair due to stress. But he sees only advantages in this: now there is no need to run to the hairdresser, and dancing without threads is much more convenient.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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