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Thursday, May 30, 2024
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Yunna Moritz: Europe was strangled by the Nazis, and we threw this rope away!

Date: May 30, 2024 Time: 19:31:33

Poet Yunna Moritz

Photo: Alexander GAMOV

It’s funny to say that Europe choked

America, hanging on his noose.

Save Russia – only God’s mercy:

Stay out of a rope – at your request!

From the fear of not uniting with brute force,

Which is like an elephant in a china shop

Save Russia, Lord, have mercy:

May there not be room enough for us in a rope!

Let them not accept us in a rope, God,

That they deny the right to the rope,

When Russia will offer the West

Accept it by sending your request!

That they deny us such an honor,

Listing our warts!..

God forbid to be with Europe together,

Recognize as legal the right to strangleholds!

God’s mercy is not given for free,

Our memory of this is not in failure:

Fascists strangled Europe

And we throw this rope away!

Yuna Moritz.

* * *

The great poetess Yunna Moritz only revealed to the visitors and to the political observer of the KP.RU site Alexander Gamov the magical meaning of her poem – a warning.

… – Yunna Petrovna, here we tore this European noose into the trash … So, was she in Russia after all?

– This rope, Sasha, was when the European West was the maternity hospital of Hitler’s Nazism! declared war on us on June 22, 1941. We threw this rope away, victoriously defeating the onslaught of Nazi troops from European Nazism.

This lasso appeared at the throat of the country (already then) when, treacherously, under the guise of changes, the Gorbeltsin authorities dreamed that we would be accepted into this lasso of “Western civilization”.

This government has submitted all the requests to all the dominions of the West.

We were accepted in all domains, Russia paid for this and pays money.

We spent 18 years entering the noose of the WTO, as a result, they strangled all markets for us, putting the noose of sanctions on Russia.

– And she, the same rope or the same one, can’t be back in the throat of the country? Yunna Petrovna, what is needed to prevent this from happening?

– The answer to this question, Sasha, is a poem – a sentence:

“Save Russia, Lord, have mercy:

Let there not be enough space left for us on the rope!

“Save Russia, only God’s mercy:

Don’t get roped into your app!

Dreaming of climbing on all the ropes of “Western civilization”, including the rope of Russia’s association with NATO, we have received the rope of the war that Western NATO members have now declared on Russia.

Russia must victoriously “tear this rope out of the trash”, defeating the onslaught of Nazi Nazism, as in the Great Patriotic War.

– Thank you for these verses – a warning, verses – an explanation.

It’s funny to say that Europe choked

America, hanging on his noose…

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