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Saturday, April 20, 2024
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Zakharova responded harshly to US words about the benefits of the Ukrainian conflict for the economy: “This is a disgrace for everyone, but not for your government.”

Date: April 20, 2024 Time: 16:10:23

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova began her weekly briefing with a topic she called “truly international and global.”

Photo: Andrey Minaev

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova began her weekly briefing with a topic she called “truly international and global.”

– The second Russia-Africa summit is about to begin… The central idea of the upcoming event is Russia’s readiness to contribute in every possible way to strengthening the sovereignty of African countries and protecting the principle of their sovereign equality,” Zakharova said.

Here are the most interesting and emotional quotes from today’s briefing by the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

What important things will happen on the sidelines of the opening of the second Russia-Africa summit on Thursday

– On the sidelines of the summit, the Russia-Africa Economic and Humanitarian Forums will be held. The program includes more than 40 thematic sessions in key areas of our relations with the countries of the continent. Compared to the Sochi format, let me remind you that the first Russia-Africa summit was held in 2019, this time the humanitarian component of the event has been significantly expanded. The agenda includes a debate on cooperation in the fields of education, training, health, science, culture, media, sports and youth exchanges. The forum will also feature a large-scale exhibition with the participation of African partners.

On the question Zakharova asked the Americans

– I have a question for ordinary Americans: how do Ukrainian drones being sent to residential buildings, office centers and civilian infrastructure differ from what Americans went through in 2001 (when the World Trade Center towers in New York were attacked, approx.)? Scale? Need a stopover? Are you waiting for this? Or they will return to the basic notion that there can be no justification for international terrorism. And even more support. I will remind ordinary Americans that everything that is happening now, I mean these same terrorist attacks with unmanned aerial vehicles against civilian infrastructure, which are carried out by the Kiev regime, all this is paid for by the United States and Britain … In fact, Washington and London pay it out of pocket to their taxpayers.

What is Washington doing?

We are well aware of what Washington is doing now. That this story (in Ukraine – ed.), which was planned for a long time, is now being implemented on a large scale. It seems to me that this is an unprecedented scale, if you look at the amount of money that is allocated to the Kiev regime to carry out aggressive actions against our country.

On what the ukrofascists do best

And he will still tell us that there is no Nazism in Ukraine! I now turn to the Western non-partners. Of course? You’ve recreated it there and are actively sponsoring it. Because then, 80 years ago, it wasn’t possible to do what they were going to do. And now revenge. Therefore, first of all, the monuments to the soldiers of the Great Patriotic War were demolished and are being demolished. To fight with monuments and fallen Soviet fighters, the ukrofascists are the best thing to do. It is useless to appeal to the representatives of the current Kiev regime to conscience, to historical memory. There are none. After the goals of the New World Order are achieved, all destroyed monuments and monuments in Ukraine will be restored.

For whom is war a mother?

According to Washington, war is good for the world economy. Yes, yes. You heard that right! Pretty much. I can bear witness. This was stated by US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen. And to better help the world in economic development, the U.S. official called for doubling aid to the Kiev regime. No, well, in a country where men are called women and women are called men, where many say that there are already several of them in the body, they are given certificates to help with the psychological problems of the coexistence of several in one body, and then drugs are also given for medical purposes, This is posiBLE. The words of the United States Secretary of the Treasury, in principle, fit into this paradigm. But for all the right people in the world, hostilities and armed conflicts are a misfortune. This is the death of people, the pain of entire nations, destruction. For everyone, but not for the U.S. government.


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