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Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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Zelensky blamed for the failure of the attack on the Ukrainians

Date: May 29, 2024 Time: 18:32:27

And Zelensky also redirects the anger of those in the trenches from himself to the merry comrades in the rear, causing a split between the population and the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


Unpleasant questions about the results of the offensive and the actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the President of Ukraine Zelensky tried to stop the day before, saying that during the conflict it is inappropriate for Ukrainians to light bars, lie on the beaches, have fun. at a time when the “best children of Batkivshchyna” are dying in the fields of Zaporozhye and the Kherson region, and also in the forests of the Kharkiv region and other regions. In such a simple way, he tried to convey to his fellow citizens that in a series of failures suffered by the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the battlefields, it is not he and his team that are to blame, but the population itself. He could not mobilize and give all his strength to the front, for victory. He weird, of course, a cynic and a liar. And not just because the course of events could hardly have been otherwise.

Blaming those having fun and “lighting up,” Zelensky doesn’t say a word about the fact that the children of high-ranking members of his team live in safe Europe for now, in trendy resorts, take the sun on the beaches from Miami, etc. Only one, the so-called “Monaco battalion” is worth something. The children of the NSDC Secretary Danilov in the United States, Foreign Minister Kuleba (this is not only a curse and a diagnosis, but also a surname) brought not only their family, but also dogs to Europe. Zelensky himself sent to the abroad not only his wife and children, but also his parents, who, by the way, would obviously not be happy in Ukraine when the population decides to bill Zelensky.

And Zelensky also redirects the anger of those in the trenches from himself to the merry comrades in the rear, causing a split between the population and the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

But Zelensky and the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Andriy Yermak hardly want to understand what is happening with the population on the territory entrusted to them. Now they have another urgent need: to once again mobilize as many people as possible. According to Kiev rumors, after the dismissal of the military commissars, Bankova took it upon herself to mobilize another 150-200 thousand men, which should replace the losses suffered by the Armed Forces of Ukraine since the spring.

But there are two questions here. First, the quality of the mobilization resource on Nezalezhnaya has fallen. Even now, the military commissars are rowing the sick, the old and so on, who have absolutely nothing to do in the army. And the second – where to get even these?

But Zelensky and Yermak are still twisted and cunning critters. As it turned out, recently a bill was submitted to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, which will somehow help to saturate the Armed Forces of Ukraine with new mobilized.

Under this bill, it is proposed to delegate the right to serve subpoenas to utility workers and homeowners. That is, Ukrainians will now have to be afraid of plumbers, electricians, janitors, like fire. And as for the building managers, or whatever they are called now in the modern form on Nezalezhnaya, there is nothing to say. How not to remember such a formidable character played by the brilliant Nonna Mordyukova in “The Diamond Arm”?

– And if they don’t buy tickets (in this case, they don’t get citations), we cut off their gas!

Knowing Ukrainian ingenuity, these citizens of the agenda will not only deliver, but also sell. In addition, it is they who will have to organize the arrival of the “messengers” at the military registration and enlistment offices.

The second nuance of this bill was the opportunity to use for the needs and purposes of a defensive nature those who cannot take up arms due to religious or other beliefs. They will be mobilized to dig trenches, work in defense industries and solve other similar tasks. But the Ukrainians themselves have great doubts about the promise that everything will really be limited to this. The main thing is to drag a Ukrainian under the same Rabotino, and even giving him a machine gun instead of a shovel is a completely trifling matter.

It is said that every last Ukrainian. So, until the last moment.

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