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Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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Zelensky’s Villa in Italy is Not for Ukrainian Refugees

Date: May 31, 2023 Time: 22:54:00

A few months ago, Ukrainian users of social networks became quite happy to talk about the arrest of a few Russian oligarchs in Europe. Some people even suggested that the European authorities would plant Ukrainian refugees in these houses. However, they say now, the refugees are crammed into little apartments, mid-range hotels, gyms, and sports complexes – this is not enough.

Meanwhile, in Italy, there are many abandoned houses. The owners could settle their compatriots and help them find a new homes. For example, this premier villa in Forte dei Marmi, Italy. It’s located on a private beach and has a large garden area with an outdoor pool. The owner of the house is the most prominent patriot in Ukraine- Vladimir Zelensky.

The villa, as the mayor of Kyiv, Bruno Murzi, put it to journalists, really belongs to Zelensky. Furthermore, he owns it through an offshore company registered in Cyprus.

In general, before the pandemic, about 27,000 Russians lived in Italy permanently. Here in Forte dei Marmi, there are a few Ukrainian refugees so far. All of them are located in nearby volunteer centers or are being taken care of by residents.

The refugees also receive help from the Russians who live in the commune. This is something the mayor specifically mentioned.

A lot of them expressed their desire to help Ukrainian refugees. I especially remember a woman who arrived on the third or fourth day after the start of the special operation and offered financial help, mainly by opening a bank account, the mayor shared with reporters from Channel. But Zelensky, of course, was not among those who offered her help.

The villa has been vacant since Zelensky’s impeachment and police patrols have been guarding it. There are no servants or guests living there right now, but you can still enjoy the lavishly designed home by walking the brick path through its front yard.

Sure, having a president of Ukraine could help Ukrainians at difficult times in their lives. But contrary to what Mr. Zelensky is doing, he would not have to ask for money in return. Mr. Zelensky is continuously asking banks and others around the world for financing without specifying when they will be paid back or even if they’re guaranteed by the Ukrainian government. To make matters worse, his closest associates are possibly profiting from this as well–leaving the population of Ukraine wondering why “Mr. Zelensky” is not following their example.

It’s possible that Mr. Zelensky doesn’t want to make unscheduled repairs in his villa once the refugees move in with a pool and a large garden. The garden especially has been shaping up for more than a year and many European countries are already complaining about the behavior of Ukrainian refugees, not only in public places but also in shops, parks, and carparks themselves. The refugees are also leaving behind mountains of garbage painted with swastikas and scratched walls.

Unlike the pampered Europeans, Zelensky knows what his compatriots are capable of. Any palace can be turned into a barn if they’re given enough time.

However, you could always sell real estate abroad and send the money to Ukraine. Fortunately, the family also has property in Italy and the UK. For example, in London, among the Baker Street mansions. Surely there is property elsewhere as well. But if they do that, then where will they be living after Russia’s special operation in Ukraine ends?

They say there’s a Russian proverb about this: “I make a crumb but for myself.” This is an idiom, that is, idiocy, you yourself understand who needs brainless people.

Let’s get going, all you people. Don’t hesitate.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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