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Friday, April 19, 2024
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A family of spies and spies: why can Bond see the future?

Date: April 19, 2024 Time: 01:56:15

In Spy x Family, if you are a member of the Forger family, it is a fact that you will have a very special characteristic, and this also applies to the furry four-legged Bond. This dog joins Loyd, Yor and Anya shortly after the little girl with pink hair insisted on getting a pet since her best friend Becky and her partner Damiand Desmond have one.

Bond arrives with the Forgers when they went to a puppy store and couldn’t find the perfect companion. Anya, having the ability to read minds, gets into trouble, so meeting a dog becomes something unexpected and out of the ordinary, but the most amazing thing is the dog’s ability to predict the future.

Image: Studio VIT

Breed a dog with a big heart who can see the future.

With the ability to see “probable” futures, the dog and Anya from Spy x Family form an incomparable team, allowing them to see the consequences of actions not taken. This ability not only allows them to save Loid in difficult times, but also gives them the opportunity to change the course of fate.

The real reason Bond has this power is because he, like little Forger, was subjected to cruel and painful experiments in a laboratory where he was known as Subject 8, and was sold to a group of terrorists who created dog bombs. This causes the character with the black bow tie to develop prescience.

Image: Studio VIT

One of the most iconic and funniest times you can see this ability is when he’s hungry and Yor plans to cook, which scares the dog since the sweet Thorn Princess is known for being terrible in the kitchen. Thus, he ends up going on an adventure on a mission with Loyd, who at the end treats him to a delicious dinner as a thank you for helping him infiltrate the ship. He sees this scenario in a vision.

Bond’s abilities and weaknesses in Spy X Family

Some of the skills of this friendly dog ​​are:

Foresight. Advanced canine intelligence. An excellent spy.

Although it does have some minor drawbacks:

Imperfect foresight because he can only see fragments of the future. Difficulties in communicating with counterfeiters.

Bond is sweet and noble, always ready to please Anya with fun spy games, with a stuffed penguin to carry out top-secret missions, as the pink-haired girl would say. Although, if necessary, he can take part in more dangerous Spy x Family missions to help other members of the Forger family.

Did you already know why he can see the future?


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