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Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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Anime: 5 BL Episodes Will Begin In This Romance Genre | Spaghetti code

Date: April 24, 2024 Time: 08:18:43

In the world of anime and manga, there are many endless stories, from action films to dramas, but in recent years, romances between boys (men) known as B have become very popular, with hundreds of stories in manga. were adapted into anime.

These works, which show how love arises between men, have had a great influence, especially among the Japanese female public. Their popularity has even led to the viewing of anime series, which, if you do not know them, are worth starting to watch. learn more about this genre, BL.

5 BL Animes You Should Know


This anime has established itself as one of the best in the genre as it shows us the story of four boys who are united by music, but each of them shapes their own story. The plot combines romance, music, drama and is full of many emotions, while also touching on issues of identity and self-improvement.

Sasaki Miyano

This is another anime that has generated high expectations among audiences, both Japanese and international. It tells us the story of a friendship between Sasaki and Miyano that develops until it becomes something more, and is best set in a school environment, with shades of humor and romance, but focusing on themes of personal acceptance and self-exploration.

Hitorijime, my hero

This is another classic BL story that shows us what relationships and romantic experiences are like, also in a school setting, as it shows us how both characters, student and teacher, interact until they meet and begin develop. a very emotional novel. It also touches on themes such as love, self-discovery, personal improvement and acceptance.


This other BL anime turns out to be one of the cutest as it follows the life of Shun Hashimoto who works on the island but during the summer he meets Mio Chibana, an aspiring writer. They both spend time together and begin to feel a special connection and develop feelings for each other. Besides the theme of acceptance, you can see emotional moments about love and the importance of sharing experiences.


A film that everyone should watch as part of the BL genre, Doukyusei takes us back to the school setting and how two boys get to know each other, discovering the feelings of first love just as the music returns. play an important role, plus they will learn what they want in the future.

Through these five beautiful stories, you can delve into the genre known as Boy Love, which shows us a different perspective on love, relationship stability, and how each person finds what they want in their lives.


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