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Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Dragon Ball: Android 18 returns to the battlefield in this bold cosplay | spaghetti code

Date: June 22, 2024 Time: 15:07:35

The Dragon Ball franchise has been one of the favorites for years now, as they showed us intense battles between the strongest warriors and villains, but there was also a female power present, in addition to making it clear that they are important.

Such is the case with Android 18, who was born along with his brother Number 17 thanks to the evil Dr. Maki Gero, who belonged to the Red Patrol organization, so they could end Goku once and for all, but we know how it all ended.

The return of Android 18 in Dragon Ball

Through Instagram, model Irisching1229 made an incredible version of this Dragon Ball character that captivated from the first moment he appeared and made him one of the most beloved waifu in the anime world.

Android 18 has undeniably shown herself to be a strong woman, because there can be anything for her strength, but she also has a personality, just like any girl.

Source: Instagram/irisching1229

Meanwhile, we can see that he respected Number 18’s essence, such as his short blonde hair and his beautiful blue eyes, while wearing one of the many outfits he wore during the Cell saga, in addition to because he’s elegant when he’s up against a villain. .

It consists of denim pants, a white blouse and a black vest, and paired with a pair of black gloves and a pearl necklace because she has a great fashion sense and doesn’t want to go unnoticed.

We’re pretty sure she’s back for the fight because it seems like another enemy is nearby and will join the Z Fighters to finish him off because she managed to find a special home on Earth, next to Krillin.

What do you think of this Dragon Ball Android 18 release?


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