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Saturday, February 24, 2024
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Dragon Ball: How many Shenrons are there in the franchise? | Spaghetti code

Date: February 24, 2024 Time: 06:18:19

There are some interesting characters in the Dragon Ball franchise that have left a big mark on history as they are also iconic creatures that anyone who sees them will know which series they belong to.

This is Shenron, a powerful dragon who is summoned after collecting 7 Dragon Balls. They can awaken this being sleeping inside them and ask it for some wishes related to the salvation of humanity. But there are different versions of this character.

Another Shenron in Dragon Ball

We can start with Earth’s Shenron, who appeared the most in the story, but was originally a weak being as he could only grant one wish, however, with great improvement, he can now guarantee up to 3 of them and is now one of the strongest.

On the other hand, we have Porunga, the legendary Shenron from the planet Namek, who made it known that there are several more versions, while from the very beginning he was able to grant 3 wishes and although we remember, our heroes called him to save everything.

Earth and Porunga Namek | Source: Toei Animation

There is also Black Smoke Shenron, which appeared in Dragon Ball GT and was formed after the negative energy of the Dragon Balls accumulated excessively, causing them to break and eventually causing the dark manifestation of the dragon.

We also have Ultimate Shenron, who gained attention for his abilities beyond those of a normal dragon, because although he could only grant one wish, he had no limits to his power, he was even capable of causing someone’s death. He must be summoned on the planet on which he was summoned before, otherwise this place will be destroyed.

Source: Toei Animation

The franchise has Thrombo, Shenron, who was summoned in the Granola arc, so was considered an interesting dragon since he can only be summoned with 2 orbs, but that doesn’t make him weak. He is able to unleash the full potential of a warrior, as well as enter into special agreements to concentrate all his energy and fulfill his desires.

Finally, there is Super Shenron, who appears when summoning the Super Dragon Balls, a prize given to the winner of the Tournament of Power, and this creature has no limitations, it even has the ability to quickly destroy an entire universe. that yes, he grants only one wish per request.

Trombo and Super Shenron | Source: Toei Animation

The character of Shenron in Dragon Ball is vital not only to our heroes who, in the midst of battles, dedicate themselves to finding the Dragon Balls to save everyone, just as he has become an icon for this franchise.


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