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Thursday, May 23, 2024
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Dragon Ball: Why doesn’t Goku age? | spaghetti code

Date: May 23, 2024 Time: 08:41:44

Dragon Ball is one of everyone’s most beloved franchises as it is full of incredible characters who surprise with their abilities, but over the years we’ve seen some very special creatures the same, meaning they haven’t completely changed. in physical form

That is, they only had changes in abilities and transformations, but they are still the same people that we saw in several sagas, of course Dragon Ball GT is taken into account, but even in this story, Goku has become younger.

Goku eternal youth in Dragon Ball

Although we know that Goku is not an ordinary person, but his appearance can mimic that he is a human born on Earth, and this is not the case, as he comes from another planet and his race is from the Saiyans.

This means that his age, for example, in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, who is 46 years old, does not reflect on his personality, and it is all due to the simple reason he comes from.

Source: Toei animation

The Saiyans are a race of warriors within this story created by Akira Toriyama who inhabited the planet Vegeta, in addition to having a personality dedicated to conflict, meaning they have a greater disposition towards war rather than peace.

Apart from being an important factor why these people age more slowly than a normal person, but that’s not all, it is also related to the type of their psyche, as they remain physically the same for the sole purpose of continuing to enjoy the adrenaline of battles. .

According to Vegeta in Dragon Ball Super: Broly, when Paragus, Broly’s father, appears, he notes that the Saiyan remains fully in his physical state until he is 80 years old, meaning he will not physically change until he reaches that. age. .

That’s why we see that Goku and Vegeta are still very young and strong, but as the story progresses, we can see important changes in their appearance.


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