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Friday, April 19, 2024
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Family Spy: Fan art presents Anya Forger as a beautiful and mysterious teenager

Date: April 19, 2024 Time: 02:03:10

Anya Forger from Spy x Family is a petite pink-haired telepath who has captured the hearts of thousands of fans because she is witty, clumsy, funny and kind. He is responsible for bringing a comedic touch to Tatsuya Endo’s story, which is full of mystery, action and murder. In addition, she is always ready to help her adoptive parents with each of the secret missions that they have to complete.

Anya is characterized as a girl who is easy to surprise, and she is also very immodest and frivolous. He loves spy stories, and for this reason has a great affection for Loyd, whose code name is Twilight. Also, little Forger uses her telepathic abilities to help him, such as when she has to defuse a bomb that is about to explode in a large building in Ostana, but what if Anya was the mysterious girl?

Image: Studio VIT

Beautiful and mysterious fanart of Anya Forger from Spy x Family

On Joshmktthew’s Deviantart account, he shows a side of Teen Anya where all the characteristics of the Spy x Family character take a backseat to her personality. You can see a pink-haired woman with a deep gaze that intrigues the audience.

It is a fact that the artist respects Anya’s essence as she sees herself with light pink hair, white skin, always prominent pink cheeks and huge emerald green eyes. This version of a little girl who reads minds will make you fall in love with her looks.

Image: Joshmktthew (Deviantart)

You can also see him in a school suit belonging to the prestigious Eden Academy, which features details such as:

Dressed with small gold stripes and two buttons of the same color. Charming red bow on the neck. Characteristic accessories in the form of horns with the same pattern as the uniform.

We must remember that this version of Anya is a teenager, so her outfit emphasizes her figure, implying that she is no longer the 6-year-old girl we all know.

The artist reveals Anya from a completely different side, because his design depicts a mysterious and charming young woman, capable of making her the most desirable waifu for all fans.

What do you think of this beautiful version of Anya?


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