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Sunday, February 25, 2024
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Invincible Artist Creates Incredible My Hero Academia Fan Art | Spaghetti code

Date: February 25, 2024 Time: 17:10:19

Invincible and My Hero Academia stand out as two great superhero series thanks to their fresh approach and overarching storytelling that goes beyond the genre’s traditional stereotypes. Invincible surprises with brutal realism and unexpected twists, challenging the reader’s expectations with complex characters and morally ambiguous situations. Meanwhile, My Hero Academia strikes a thrilling balance between flashy action and deep character development, exploring the inner struggles and sacrifices inherent in heroism.

Both series offer a unique blend of emotion, thought, and exploration of broader themes, establishing themselves as significant contributions to the world of superhero stories in comic book and anime formats, respectively. For this reason, we love the following fan art, which features characters from My Hero Academia drawn by Invincible co-creator Ryan Ottley.

Image: Viz Media

Looking at the work that Invincible co-creator Ryan Ottley did, we can only praise the incredible interpretation he gave to Kohei Horikoshi’s characters. In this case, we can see Endeavor and All Might, two of the most powerful heroes of Boku no Hero, starring in this art, both displaying an incredible superhero aura.

In the background we see Nomu, one of the series’ most fearsome villains. Overall, this art demonstrates that even the most professional artists in the field can feel great devotion to contemporary works. In this case, the art was so good that Viz Media used it as a variant cover for volume 31 of the manga.

What do you think of this fan art created by Invincible co-creator Ryan Ottley?


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