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Monday, May 20, 2024
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Kaiju #8: Who is Reno Ichikawa? | Spaghetti code

Date: May 20, 2024 Time: 10:04:29

Anime Kaiju #8 managed to show what it is made of as it made it clear that monsters continue to torment humanity, especially in Japan, but there are some characters who must put in their best efforts to become better heroes.

Reno Ichikawa is a great friend in Kaiju #8.

Reno Ichikawa is a young man who has started working part-time for a professional cleaning team that is called in after the Defense Corps goes into action to eliminate the kaiju and performs the hardest part of everything in Kaiju Universe #8.

When he enrolls, he intends to pursue his dream of joining the Defense Corps as a soldier, but in the process of getting a little more money, he meets Kafka and they become best friends. Reno has a fairly calm and collected personality, but sometimes his friend makes him angry and he explodes.

Source: Production IG

After being saved by his superior in Kaiju #8, he recognizes him as a hero and summons him so that together they can become soldiers. Then there is a drastic change in who will later become his best friend.

Reno Ichikawa is the only one who knows Kafka Hibino’s true identity, as he helps him with his kaiju condition and is even a great emotional support for his partner, with whom he had a special bond.

Source: Production IG

A great young protector in Kaiju #8.

Although there is a huge age difference between him and his boss, this did not stop them from treating each other with great trust, to the point that they considered themselves almost family, because as the bond grows, this young man begins to show his side. .more protective, but not only with Kafka, but also with his fellow members of Kaiju #8.


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