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Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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My Hero Academia: What is Yugi Aoyama’s “gift” and how does it work? | Spaghetti code

Date: June 18, 2024 Time: 07:49:54

In the world of My Hero Academia, there are incredible characters who have shown great bravery in any dangerous situation, and there are also several types of heroes, from professionals to young students, who train very hard to become the best saviors of the world.

Kohei Horikoshi’s story has featured heroes with incredible abilities, but one in particular has caught the eye since his introduction at UA Academy, and it’s someone who will play a big role in the story, such as Yuga Aoyama.

A brilliant gift for the extravagant person in My Hero Academia.

Aoyama is a young student in Class 1-A who strives to become the best of them all, but he will not be alone as he has classmates around him, however, they should be a little careful with this little man.

Source: TOHO Animation

Aoyama’s quirk is called “Bellybutton Laser” and allows him to shoot a laser from his belly button, but like every ability in My Hero Academia, it has its limitations. If he uses it too often, his stomach will collapse, but this is due to a defect he had at birth, as the young man has very little control over his quirk and requires a special belt to compensate.

With this in mind, he always trains and works to ensure that the side effects of his Gift are not so negative and affect his body too much, which is why he constantly fires lasers to increase his resistance as well as increase the range of his blasts. . bright.

Source: TOHO Animation

His special moves include “Belly Button Laser Punch”, “Belly Button Laser”, “Can’t Stop Twinkling: Supernova”, which we saw at one point in the anime, making it clear that his training had paid off and he would be able to fight with anyone who stands in his way to My Hero Academia.


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