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Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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My Hero Academia: What’s the heroes’ plan against All for One? | Spaghetti code

Date: June 18, 2024 Time: 08:11:43

The My Hero Academia anime features tense moments between heroes and villains as the battles between them never end and now those in charge of saving the world must come up with a plan to stop one of the greatest enemies they have faced.

The Stars and Stripes’ arrival in Japan gave the Hero Society time to learn more about Shigaraki’s possible weaknesses, plus America’s #1 heroine managed to use her quirk to put an end to some of the villain’s quirks, and everyone did after that. plan.

Plan of attack separately in My Hero Academia.

After sacrificing the Stars and Stripes, All Might brings the entire community of heroes together to begin plotting the type of attack they will launch against the two villains and a large portion of the League, since the main thing is to stop one of them. provided they allow them to somehow neutralize it.

Source: TOHO Animation

The first step is to separate Shigaraki from All For One, that is, to take each of them to different places, since it seems that the consciousness of the villain has not yet been completely transferred to his successor and the ideal would be to prevent this in any way.

In this sense, they also have a disadvantage because Dabi, also known as Touya, is part of the League of Villains and his flame is strong enough for the heroes to face him, so they made a decision in which the family will face in My Hero Academy.

Source: TOHO Animation

Both Shoto Todoroki and Endeavor will have to prepare to face Touya, who is part of them and the only one who can stop them, especially so that this does not become an obstacle to the separation of All For One and Shigaraki on the battlefield. ., but things might get a little tense. However, the heroes do not give up.


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